Sure Thing Burger CLOSED in 2013.  It was a little stand in the open-air Lahaina Marketplace, at 790 Front Street.  Phone 808-214-6982.

The very short menu included just a couple types of burgers, fries, toppings, and sides.  They used grass fed Maui cattle, local lettuce, Maui onions, and their own special Island Sauce.  You ordered at the counter and ate at picnic tables in the open marketplace.  The burgers and fries were both excellent.  This was a great place to get a burger and sit down when you are tired of walking around in Lahaina.
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Sure Thing Burger menu (subject to change) $ Inexpensive

Sure Thing Burger
Quarter-pound beef,
local lettuce, tomato slices,
grilled Maui onions,
Island Sauce,
American cheese,
on a locally baked bun

Turkey Burger
ground turkey,
local lettuce, tomato slices,
grilled Maui onions,
apple-basil mayo,
American cheese,
on a locally baked bun

Veggie Burger (Vegan)
Blend of garbanzo beans,
fresh veggies,
seasoned Japanese breadcrumbs,
Served with mixed greens
& house-made vinaigrette
on a locally baked bun

Gluten Free
Hold the bun
Burger on lettuce
with side salad

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Menu continued

Optional toppings:
Smoked bacon
Fried egg

Twice-cooked Fries
Side Salad

Double size half-pound
burger also available


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