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September 10, 2021

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Which is the Best Luau in Maui for Your Own Needs and budget?

Comparing Maui luaus

Hula Dancing + Feast = Maui Luau


Maui Luau with Hula Dancing and Dinner

One activity that I recommend for everyone on Maui vacations is a Maui luau.  A luau is a Hawaiian hula dancing show with Hawaiian dinner and drinks.

So what are the differences between the various Maui luaus available?  Which ones are best for kids and which are best for adultsDo you need to book your Maui luau in advance, before you get to Maui?  Which luaus offer discounted prices?

See below for a discussion of several of the specific luaus available on Maui, to answer all these questions and more, and to help you pick the best Maui luau for your own needs and budget. For discount prices on luaus, see Discount Maui Luaus.


Maui Luaus – Details and differences to help you decide


Grand Wailea Luau

Honua’ula is the name of the luau at this hotel.  It has several acts that tell some history of Hawaii.  If you are staying on the south side of Maui (Wailea or Kihei) then this is one of the two luaus for you to pick from, because it’s much closer than all of the above luaus that are on the west side of Maui.  At the Grand Wailea Resort.


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Wailea Beach Resort Marriott Luau

Te Au Moana is the name of the luau at this hotel.  It includes some educational components with ancestral storytelling and skills demonstrations. If you are staying on the south side of Maui (Wailea or Kihei) then this is one of the two luaus for you to pick from.  At the Wailea Beach Resort Marriott.


Marriott Maui Luau

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Sunset Luau at Kapalua Bay

The Sunset Luau at the Montage Kapalua Bay stands out because of its small audience size. Attendance caps at 40 guests, compared to other luaus where the audience is in the hundreds- this means every guest gets a good seat. Also, buffets are replaced by family-style dining crafted by Montage executive chef Eric Faivre. The menu sticks to mainly Hawaiian dishes, like kalua pig, ulu mac salad, fresh fish, poke, and more. The entertainment is top-notch like you would expect from any Montage event, telling legends of Hawaii and Tahiti, and featuring the coveted Samoan fire knife dance.


Beach Club Luau Maui

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Andaz Luau

The Feast at Mokapu is one of the best luaus in Maui, without a doubt.  And because of this, you’ll pay more.  If your budget allows for a little more personal service, better food, and fewer luau guests around you, this is the one to go to.  Located at the fabulous Andaz Resort, you can expect the best of the best.  Their location in Wailea allows for oceanfront sunset viewing behind the performers, making for a spectacular experience.


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Sheraton Luau

Located at the Sheraton Resort, in front of Black Rock on Kaanapali Beach, this luau has grassy grounds with a view of the ocean and beach, as well as the cliff diving torch ceremony performed at sunset.  It’s called the Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock and is more intimate than the bigger luaus like the Grand Wailea Luau.  Polynesian songs and music accompany authentic dancing and a fire knife show.  Guests can play different games and do hands-on experiences before dinner, such as spear throwing and crafts.


Sheraton luau

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Myths of Maui Luau

This is the luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort Hotel.  It is similar to the Hyatt luau and is fun for the whole family.  It’s often the least expensive luau on Maui because it is discounted by multiple activities sellers.


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Old Lahaina Luau

Reviews most often rate this as the best luau in Maui.  It is only best for adults, not kids, and for those who want a more serious show that teaches some culture and history.  The Old Lahaina Luau has the most authentic Hawaiian Maui luau show and food.  There are no fire dancers.  This is a little more expensive than some of the other luaus on Maui but is worth the cost.  (You can generally get the best price by using the link at the bottom of this paragraph, which quotes a price that includes all taxes and fees.) It is one of the only luaus with reserved seats, and it is often sold out, so you need to book as many months in advance as possible.  The closest seats are on mats on the ground, but most seats are in more comfortable chairs at tables.

Old Lahaina Luau details, schedule, show, menu

Old Lahaina luau

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Hyatt Luau

The luau at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort on Kaanapali Beach is the best luau in Maui for kids and families.  It’s called “Drums of the Pacific.”  It is more fun and less serious than the Old Lahaina Luau.  The show includes touristy songs, and fire dancers, and kids are often invited up on stage for one of the numbers.  Seating is first-come-first-served, so you don’t have to buy your ticket months in advance, but showing up early and waiting in line will get you in ahead of the crowd so you can choose a closer seat to the show.  Prices here are usually discounted, so shop around for the best deal.  The link on the line below is for a website that guarantees the best price on the internet and includes all taxes and fees in their quoted price.

Hyatt luau details, schedule, show, menu

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Westin Luau

Wailele is the name of the luau at the Westin Maui Resort on Kaanapali Beach.  It has the biggest fire knife dance of any Maui luau.  Unlike other luaus with a buffet dinner, the food here is served family-style, in four courses.  It’s only held a few days per week, so call the Westin for the latest schedule.

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Feast at Lele

This is about the most expensive Maui luau and is almost never discounted.  Unlike the usual buffet dinners, there are fewer people per table, and the food is served to you at your table.  But I don’t like this one.  My experience was that the food and show were at the same time, so it was hard to give full attention to either the dinner or the show.  Portions were small.  The cast was smaller than at other luaus, and they were harder to see because many of them were dancing behind the other tables instead of on a more elevated stage like at other luaus.

Feast at Lele luau details, schedule, show, menu

best Maui Luau

At practically every luau in Hawaii, you will pay one flat price and you will get an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner, a stage show with hula dancers, singers, and Hawaiian music, and Hawaiian drinks such as mai tais.

DINNER: Food at a Maui luau generally includes kalua pork (tender shredded pork baked for hours in an oven in the ground), mahi-mahi (baked or grilled fish), Lomi salmon (chopped cured-smoked salmon with tomatoes and onions), Huli-Huli (cooked on a rotating spit) chicken, teriyaki beef, salads, fruit, taro rolls (purple bread), poi (don’t ask), plus dessert (often including haupia, a Hawaiian coconut pudding).

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