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September 14, 2021

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How To Choose A Hotel Or Condo: Best Places To Stay in Maui

There are four steps to picking the perfect Maui accommodation


1. How to decide whether to stay in a hotel or in a condo
The page at the above link compares the features, advantages, and disadvantages of hotels versus condos for your Maui accommodation.

2. Choose your best area to stay in Maui (which part of Maui, west versus south)
The page at that link compares Maui’s two main areas where tourists stay,  the west side of Maui versus the south side for your Maui accommodation.

3. Choose your specific Maui hotel or condo (reviews and photos of each hotel and each condo)
These pages compare all of the many individual Maui hotels and condos to each other, with reviews and photos of each one, so you can pick what’s best for your Maui accommodation.

4. Choose how to reserve your hotel or condo room
At that link, you will find a discussion to help you decide whether to book your own Maui accommodation on the internet, or whether there is any reason to use a travel agent.

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Maui hotel or Maui condo to fit your needs and your budget

If you would prefer just an alphabetical list of links to the pages about each hotel and condo, click on this link:
Maui Hotels and Maui Condos alphabetical list
That page is most helpful if you already know the names of a couple of hotels or condos that you are considering, and you just want to read reviews and see photos of those specific hotels or condos.

Maui hotels and condos

Maui Coast Hotel

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We recently had a full weekend at Fairmont Kea Lani with the kids.  That was a pretty amazing trip!  

Use this link to learn all about Maui Timeshares. They can sometimes be a good place to stay when they are available for a one-time vacation rental without having to buy a timeshare.  (I do not recommend buying timeshares from full-price developers.)

Or would you prefer Maui vacation homes for rent? Sometimes a home is a better choice than a hotel or condo if you are going as a large family. But a home usually will not be on the beach and it will not have all the amenities of a hotel.

Or would you like to dream about Maui beachfront houses? Not many houses are right on the beach, so those that are tend to be more expensive.

Or are you looking for Maui Oceanfront Vacation Rental Condos? Many Maui condos are right on the beach, though others are across the street from the beach. And “oceanfront” does not necessarily mean “beachfront” because some oceanfront areas are rocky and do not have a beach.

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There are some Maui Accommodation suggestions on the Maui Information Guide.

If you are done choosing where to stay during your Maui vacation, you are then ready to read how to save money on your Maui car rental. The page linked there has a list of 15 ways to save money on your Maui car rental.

Or you could start with the Maui Vacation planning guide. That page gives you a quick summary of the main steps you can go through to plan your perfect Maui vacation, with links to more information about each step.

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How Can I Get A Maui Condo That Is Updated And Not Outdated?


We are going to stay in a condo, not a hotel, on our next trip to Maui.  I have heard that some units in the condo have old and outdated furnishings, but other rooms in the same condo building have been upgraded with new furniture and appliances and decor.  How can I make sure I get one of the newer-looking updated rooms?


You cannot be sure what room you will get at any condo before you arrive.  But here are my tips for getting a good room:

  1. Don’t go at crowded times (Christmas week or any holiday) when condos are full so there are less choices of which rooms are available.
  2. Book through a big rental agency like Aston, not through an individual owner.  That way, if you don’t like the room when you get there and see it, you can ask them to switch you to one of the many other rooms that they manage.
  3. When you arrive at the check-in desk, ask them to put you in a room that has been remodeled or updated within the past couple years, and not in an older outdated room.
  4. As soon as you get into your assigned room, if you do not like it, do not unpack.  Immediately go back to the check-in desk, and tell them what you do not like about the room, and ask them to show you what other rooms are available for you to switch to.  Always be calm and polite in your request.
  5. If no better room is available immediately, ask whether you can move to a nicer room tomorrow or the next day.

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