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I’ve decided that some of my reports change often enough to add a blog!  These Maui blog posts will be added to and updated as we move forward.

Royal Lahaina Luau Review

Royal Lahaina Luau Review

A Royal Lahaina Luau Review you should read before your next visit. From food to fire dancing to hula, the Royal Lahaina Luau has it all.

Hawaii & The Noni Tree

Hawaii & The Noni Tree

From medicines to legends of the Hawaiian Gods, Noni can be found throughout Hawaiian history. Enjoy these fun facts about the Hawaiian Noni Plant.

Answering Road To Hana Questions

Answering Road To Hana Questions

Road To Hana Questions Answered! We recently got a bunch of great questions from a new friend visiting Maui. Here is how the conversation went.

Fly Maui HI Review

A Fly Maui HI review! Fly Maui HI is Maui’s premier flight school but they also do incredible scenic tours of Maui and Molokai. Here is my experience.

Our Whales Are Coming Home!

Hawaii humpback whale facts to get you excited about whale season. From migration to breeding, here are some of our favorite facts about humpback whales.

Oprah and The Rock Start Maui Fund

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” have announced this morning The People’s Fund of Maui with hopes of raising money to put directly into the hands of those that lost homes in the Lahaina fires.

Found Maui Hero

There’s too much anger and wasted energy happening around events on Maui. We need to concentrate on taking care of our people. Instead of taking your break to doom-scroll, read this incredible story of a Maui hero that saved a family’s life.

Maui Fires MisManagement

Many Maui residents have been going through hell over the last few days.  Some of it could have been avoided with better organization and communication and swifter response from our government. 

The Top 10 Molokai Activities

Molokai activities you should check out! Rural and full of culture, Molokai is a step back in time to Old Hawaii where tradition thrives and the Hawaiian way of life is celebrated. Learn, see, and support this community with these top Molokai activities.

Maui Car Rental Tips

Maui car rental tips for your next visit to Maui. Maui rental car companies, questions and answers, and other great information for choosing your rental vehicle on Maui.

10 Epic Maui Tours

Epic Maui Tours! From Haleakala sunrise to snorkeling at Molokini Crater and everything in between, here are Jon’s picks for the top 10 epic Maui tours.

Best Molokini Whale Watch Trip!

Not only did we have a competition pod next to and below our raft, we got splashed by 2 whales!  No joke, we got wet from the whales doing pec slaps. 

Top 10 Maui Art Galleries

See our picks for the top 10 Maui art galleries. Enjoy an evening gallery hopping or catch an artist while they are on Maui. There are many great art galleries on Maui, this list will help you narrow down which ones to visit.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Things To Do On Maui

TOP 10 MOST LUXURIOUS THINGS TO DO ON MAUI For some, a Maui vacation means little more than basking in the sun with toes in the sand, soaking up copious amounts of vitamin D. For others, a visit to the Valley Isle is an excuse to pamper themselves, indulge their mind,...

Things To Do In Maui with Kids

Things to do in Maui with kids, family activities, sights, restaurants, beaches, shows, nature, shopping, luaus, whale watching, snorkel…

Top 10 Animals To See On Maui

Activities, Beaches, Shows, Nature, Restaurants, Shopping, And Lots More Recommendations From Maui Jon. Maui is full of life but these are the top 10 animals to watch out for while adventuring around Maui.

Maui Weather Forecast

Maui weather forecast for the next 7 days, plus monthly Maui High and Low Temperatures, rainfall, water temperatures by month/region.

Maui Photos

See 10 awe-inspiring photos from Hawaii & we recommend you take some time to explore the sights, sounds, and soul of Hawaii.

Hawaii Hurricane Season

Hawaii Hurricane Season including Maui Hurricanes – Which months are most likely for hurricanes, how often do they occur, and recent ones.

Jon’s Website History

History of this Maui Website. Everything to help you plan your Maui Vacation, hotels, condos, restaurants, car rentals, activities

Maui Sugar Cane Train

The Maui Sugar Cane Train delighted families since 1969 on the west side of Maui. Sadly, it will no longer run in Kaanapali. Photos & History

Motown Prom

Maui Motown Prom was a charity party at the Maui Tropical Plantation on January 26, 2013. This was a fundraiser by Jungle to Jungle.