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Maui Weddings & Honeymoon

Help with planning your Maui wedding or honeymoon, or anyplace in Hawaii, is on the following bullet-listed pages:

  • Maui Weddings — which island, which location, wedding planners, wedding music, wedding license, sunset times, wedding photography, wedding dinner, wedding vows.
  • Hawaii Honeymoon — which island, which hotel or condo, activities, restaurants, packages.
  • Wedding Vows — sample Hawaiian wedding vows you can use or adapt for your own.
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song — hear the famous song and read the lyrics.
  • Maui Vacations — all about Maui vacation activities, hotels, condos, restaurants, sightseeing, beaches, and more.

Maui honeymoon and weddings

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The other sections of this Maui Vacations website will help you choose a hotel, find restaurants you will enjoy, save money on a rental car, and more. Click on these links to learn more:

  • Maui Hotels and Maui Condos  —  How to decide between a hotel and a condo, what part of Maui to stay on, which specific hotel or condo best suits your needs and your budget
  • Hawaii Car Rentals  —  How to get the best price on a rental car on Maui or any of the Hawaiian islands
  • Maui Restaurants  —  Recommendations of the best places to eat in each price range, including menus and food photos

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Maui, or any of the Hawaiian islands, is the perfect place for a wedding or honeymoon.