Maui Hawaii Reviews and Planning

This website contains reviews and photos of Maui Hawaii hotels, condos, restaurants, sights, activities, information, and everything you need to know to plan your trip.  Whether this is your first visit to Maui Hawaii or you have been there many times, you will find more on this site that anywhere else.  Choose any of the following links to get started.

  • Maui Hotels  —
    Reviews and photos of hotels and resorts on each part of Maui
  • Maui Condos  —
    Reviews and photos of condos in each area and at various prices
  • Maui Restaurants  —
    Reviews, menu lists, and food photos for Maui restaurants, sorted by price range
  • Maui Car Rental  —  Fourteen tips on how to get the best deal on a Maui car rental
  • Things to Do in Maui Hawaii  —
    Reviews of companies offering each activity, plus reviews of attractions and free sightseeing areas
  • Maui Info  —
    Weather, maps, timezone, FAQ, and more
Maui Hawaii photos

Maui Hawaii Grand Wailea hotel


Maui Hawaii things to do scenery Iao Valley


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