Maui Car Rental Tips

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Maui Car Rental Tips

Arriving on Maui can be a little hectic if you are not prepared. From getting to baggage claim and then finding your rental car.  The rental car area is not located inside the airport which can make it confusing to figure out. We are here to make things easier. Let’s start with some of the most popular Maui rental car companies:


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Beginning in 1974, Alamo has become a major player in the rental car game. It now has over 1,100 locations throughout the world.



Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the biggest car rental company in North America with over 7,000 locations. Enterprise takes pride in its customer relations and quality vehicles.



Since 1958, Budget rent a car has offered low-cost alternatives to higher-priced companies. Budget has always considered those that want to save money over having the flashiest car.



Founded in 1965, Dollar Rent-A-Car runs service all over the world. Dollar is owned by The Hertz Corporation which also owns Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, and Firefly.



Held by the same owners as Dollar, Thrifty Car Rentals are part of a huge network with 1,000 locations worldwide, of which 211 are in the United States.



In 1947, 25 rental car companies all over the nation joined together to begin a relationship that has become a powerhouse in the car rental industry. Now National has grown to have over 1,500 locations around the world.



Avis began in 1946 as the first company to rent cars at airports. Avis is available in 165 countries worldwide. Avis has multiple locations on Maui.



Founded in 1912 in Bavaria, Martin Sixt began with a fleet of 3 vehicles. Now Sixt is one of the largest mobility companies in the world with over 165 locations and over 16,000 vehicles in use.


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Maui Rental Car Tips Q & A

Knowing what companies are available is the first step to finding the best prices on car rentals for Maui, Hawaii. Now check out some common Maui Car Rental questions:


What is the minimum age to rent a car in Maui?

Technically, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and a credit card to rent a car on Maui. However, most companies require at least 21 years of age.  Some companies such as Avis will only rent to those who are 25 years old and above.  Smaller local companies will rent to 18+, usually for a fee.


Would I need to make multiple reservations because I’m visiting more than one Hawaiian Island?

You need to reserve separately per island you go to. If we learn of great prices on the outer islands, we’ll add the information to the website for your benefit.


Are rental cars safe?  

Every rental car is registered, maintained, and has their annual Maui safety check.


Do both drivers have to sign in order to drive?

Any additional drivers must sign the agreement before taking the car.


Are there any restrictions as to where on Maui I can drive?

You may not drive your vehicle off-road. Most everywhere you go on Maui is paved. The only exceptions are when you travel deep into Hana on some dirt roads, but you won’t need to go to these places unless you have family or friends that live there. Most of these roads are mild too unless it’s been raining. Some rental companies will require you to turn around once you’ve reached Hana Town but for the most part, Maui roads are safe for most vehicles.


Kaupo, Maui


Do I need to purchase insurance?

Not always. Insurance is added to your rental if you need it. Most people find that their current insurance providers will cover them while renting a car in Maui. Some credit card companies also offer coverage for free.


Where do I pick up my car at the airport?

The car rental companies are located in the parking structure on the arrival end of the Maui airport.  Across the street from baggage claim, take the train to the rental car area and then head to your rental company.


Why is there an upcharge to rent a car on Molokai?

The island of Molokai is trying to stay modestly populated and visited. This means they impose restrictions on the amount of cars allowed on the island for rent. They only allow smaller cars to be rented as well.


Will all Maui rental companies accept Debit cards?

Yes, so long as the card has major credit card company logos on it.


Can I rent a car in Maui with cash?

Yes, Dollar allows this with many restrictions. You must present a valid US driver’s license or a valid passport, be staying at a property other than a campground, be a certain age, and pay a cash deposit, among other things.


May I smoke cigarettes in my rental car?

You may not smoke in Avis, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty car rentals. Some other providers offer certain vehicles to smoke in.


What about Uber or Lyft?

Both operate on Maui and are good alternatives for someone looking to only drive places a few times.


What about Turo?

There are plenty of Turo rentals available as well, but you’ll have to work out drop-off and pick-up.


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Thank you for reading our Maui Car Rental Tips post! If you have any Maui car rental tips we may have missed, please include them in the comments below.  Check out more great Hawaii Information.

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