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How can I get the best deal on flights to Maui?

Airfares are constantly changing.  Although there is no way to predict whether you will get a better price by buying your plane tickets sooner or waiting until closer to your travel dates, there is a way to shop for the best deal available at any time, for flights to Maui.  Although you’re probably not going to find truly cheap tickets to Maui, the most important thing you can do to get the best airfare prices is to shop around.  Fortunately, the internet makes that easy.

You’ll need to check several websites to find out which airlines offer the best schedules, the least stops, and the best prices, from your particular home city to Maui.  I suggest that you check the airline website of the airline that has the most flights in and out of your city.  Then compare the prices you can find on Expedia, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, and similar sites.  Don’t check just one site, but check at least four of those comparison websites for the best deals.  You can use the following box to save time by filling in your city and travel dates just once, and have the box then find deals for you on several of those websites.  The code for the airport that you will fly into on Maui is OGG for Kahului Airport, Maui. The best service and best on-time records for flights to and from Hawaii are on Hawaiian Airlines.

Flights to Maui

I suggest that you only consider flights to Maui from your home airport that are either non-stop or else have only one stop.  If you choose flights that have two stops on your way to or from Maui, you are much more likely to miss one of your connections due to flight delays. Even if the price is cheaper, it’s not worth taking two stops and missing a connection, causing stress, aggravation, and the loss of one of your days on Maui caused by the change of flights.

If you don’t already belong to the frequent flyer club for whatever airline you are flying to and from Maui, now is a good time to join.  Even if you don’t fly often, you might as well start saving up the points you get for such long flights.  Eventually, you’ll have enough points for a free flight to somewhere, maybe even back to Maui.

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Once you’ve got your air tickets you are going to need a Maui rental car reservation. To see the link in this paragraph for how to shop for the best deals.