Hawaiian Flowers

Updated on:
December 15, 2021

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Hawaiian Flowers

Facts About Hawaiian Flowers

The State Flower of Hawaii is the yellow Hibiscus. Why just yellow? On this page, you will learn answers about this and other Hawaiian flowers and see some of my Maui flower photos. Hawaiian flowers are plentiful on all the Hawaiian islands all year ’round. It’s just one of the many reasons to visit Hawaii.

Mark Twain remembered Hawaiian flowers for decades after his visit to Hawaii. In 1889 he wrote about Hawaii, “Other things leave me but it abides… In my nostrils still lives the breath of flowers that perished twenty years ago.”

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Hawaiian Flowers

Yellow Hibiscus – the Hawaii State Flower Before 1988, the Hibiscus (all colors) was the Hawaii State Flower (and before statehood in 1959 the Territorial Flower). In 1988, the yellow Hibiscus, because it is native to Hawaii, was chosen as the State Flower.

Hawaiian Flowers Hibiscus

Orchids are grown commercially on several Hawaiian islands. There are orchid clubs all over the world.

Hawaiian Flowers Orchid

Bougainvillea have a secret. Their bright colors are not the flowers but are the leaves. The actual flower is very tiny and is in the center of the brightly colored leaves.

Hawaiian Flowers Bougainvillea

Bird of Paradise is named after paradise. How appropriate for Hawaii!

Hawaiian Flowers Bird Of Paradise

Cup of Gold is a large (7-inch diameter) flower that is native to Mexico but often seen in gardens of Hawaiian flowers. It is not the same as the much smaller cup of gold that is a type of poppy in California.

Hawaiian Flowers Cup Of Gold

The ginger we use for flavoring food comes from the rhizome of a plant with yellowish-green flowers. The related ginger plants we see in Hawaii more often have red flowers.

Hawaiian Flowers Ginger

Proteas originated in South Africa and Australia. Because of their unusual shapes, proteas are named after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape. Proteas found in Hawaii include the following three, called pincushion protea, pink mink, and king protea.


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