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Hawaii Weddings

My Best Recommendations For Your Hawaii Wedding

I believe the best Hawaiian island is Maui.  Oahu (Honolulu) is too crowded, and there is not enough to do on the other islands (Kauai, Big Island, Lanai, Molokai).  Maui doesn’t have Oahu’s crowds and congestion, but it has plenty of great activities, sightseeing, restaurants, beaches, and shopping.

Maui is perfect for destination weddings, so I shared some of my Maui wedding recommendations.

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Maui Hawaii Weddings Locations

Your Hawaii wedding can be on a beach, on a private estate, on the grounds of a resort hotel, or in a chapel.   There are regulations about which beaches and other areas are allowed to have weddings, so I suggest you use a Maui-based wedding planner to set this up. Such wedding coordinators also know about the best private estates that rent out their grounds for Maui weddings. (See the section below about Maui wedding planners-coordinators that I recommend.)  Some of the best resort and hotel locations include the beautiful grounds of the Hyatt or Grand Wailea, and the Grand Wailea also has a lovely wedding chapel.  More information and a link to the Hyatt is at West Maui Hotels and the Grand is at South Maui Hotels.  But there are many other beach locations and scenic locations that a Maui-based wedding planner can suggest.

Maui wedding locations

Additionally, The Cliff House fronting the Montage Kapalua Bay is a unique venue. While the location is small in size (accommodating up to 30 people depending on your ceremony), it offers unparalleled waterfront views. The two-story venue is built into the cliffside, hanging above the clear waters of Namalu Bay. The house features large floor-to-ceiling windows, patio space, a simple kitchen, and restrooms.

Cliffhouse Maui


Hawaii Weddings Planners

It’s terribly difficult to plan a wedding in Hawaii without a professional wedding planner, especially if you have never been to Maui and are not familiar with the area. If you will be staying on the west side of Maui (Lahaina-Kaʻanapali-Kapalua side) or on the south side of Maui (Kihei-Wailea side) then I recommend Simple Maui Weddings.  If you are going to have your wedding at a hotel on any Hawaiian island, the hotel may provide a planner to take care of some of the details for you, but you will generally get lower prices and better-personalized service if you use an independent wedding planner like the one mentioned.

Maui wedding location

Wedding location in Maui


Maui Hawaii Weddings Photography

Some of the most beautiful Maui wedding photos I have seen are by Natalie Brown Photography. You may notice most of the photos on this page were shot by her.  She’s talented, professional and a real pleasure to be around.  She makes any shoot really fun.

Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Flowers

Fukushima Flowers is a florist on Maui who can deliver flower arrangements ranging from a bouquet in your condo or hotel room, to complete flowers for any size wedding or event.

Maui florist

Terrie Fukushima was raised on Maui, so she knows the best sources for Hawaii-grown tropical flowers, and what’s available at whichever time of year you are going to be in Maui.  She personally creates unique arrangements that will wow you.

For your hotel or condo room, Terrie can deliver a flower arrangement or she can decorate the whole room.  She can even bring you Hawaii food gift baskets.  For your Maui wedding, Terrie can create beautiful wedding bouquets, leis, wedding arches and aisles, centerpieces, favors, and cake decorations.  For your Maui honeymoon, she can have flowers waiting for you in your room on arrival and decorate your bed with a heart of roses.

For more information, call 808-264-4557.

Maui Wedding Cakes

Custom-designed wedding cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, dessert tables, are beautiful and delicious when made by professionals.

Maui wedding Cakes

Cake Fanatics is a custom-order sweets shop based on the west side of Maui. They make custom sweets of all kinds. They specialize in cakes but also do candy buffets, cupcakes, fondue fountains, chocolates, cake pops, mini-desserts, cupcake towers, and more.

This fun bakeshop is unique because their treats are works of art but it’s an art that is also super tasty.  There are over a dozen cake flavors and over a dozen icing flavors to choose from, not to mention several varieties of chocolates and custom cookies.

They are not a retail shop so it is best to give them a few days’ notice for your order. Don’t worry if you aren’t staying on the west side. They will deliver anywhere on the island. Mention you found them on Jon’s Maui website and they’ll even comp your delivery fee.

To order something special contact owner EmmaLee Larsen.  Phone 808-214-7767

Hawaii Weddings Music

The Hawaiian Wedding Song was made famous by Elvis Presley in his 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii.”  You can hear it and read the words at Hawaiian Wedding Song.

You can hire Hawaiian musicians, DJs, and hula dancers for your wedding reception.  We really love DJ Del Sol, pictured below.  You can see more Maui wedding musicians and DJs at the Maui Wedding Network.

Maui wedding music

Another fun way to celebrate is by having your wedding at one of Maui’s best luaus. This can save you a ton of time and work, and everyone will have a blast!

Maui wedding luau


Hawaii Weddings License

The Hawaii State Department of Health tells you all about wedding license requirements at Hawaii Marriage Licenses


Hawaii Weddings Minister or Officiant

For a minister or officiant to perform your wedding ceremony, check out this list of the best Maui wedding officiants.

Maui Ministers Officiants

Maui Hawaii Weddings Dinner

My favorite Maui restaurant is Roy’s in Kaanapali.  Call the manager there at 808-669-6999 and tell him you found him on Jon’s Maui Info website.  Ask him about wedding dinners for your group.  There is more information about this and other great Maui restaurants at Maui Restaurants.

Hawaii Weddings at Sunset

All of the major resort hotels, as well as many beaches and private estates, face west, so provide good sunset backgrounds for your wedding.  You can get a list of sunset times for each month on Maui by clicking on the Sunrise-Sunset question at Maui FAQ.

Maui sunset

Wedding Vows

Here’s an example of wedding vows for your Hawaii Wedding.

Bride and Groom Lei Exchange at the start of the Ceremony

The lei exchange is done before the start of the ceremony when the bride makes her entrance. The best man holds the groom’s lei for the bride and the maid of honor holds the bride’s lei for the groom. When the bride makes her entrance and meets with her groom they take the leis from the maid of honor and best man and adorn each other with them. This can be be used for any island by those getting married in Hawaii.

Then the officiant begins the ceremony as follows.
On behalf of Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name, I would like to welcome you to this joyous celebration. The Hawaiian word for love is Aloha. Today we’ve come together to celebrate the special Aloha that exists between Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name and their desire to make their Aloha eternal through the commitment marriage. In Hawaii, the giving of a lei is an expression of Aloha. Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name will exchange leis as a symbol of their Aloha for one another. When two people promise with Aloha in their hearts to share the adventure of life, it is a beautiful moment that they and all of us who are present today will always remember.

Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name you are entering into marriage because you want to be together. You are marrying because you know you will grow more in happiness and Aloha more fully as life-mates. You will belong entirely to each other, one in mind, one in heart, and in all things. No greater blessing of happiness can come to you than to have this devoted Aloha, which you now publicly avow. Keep this understanding of your marriage alive in the days ahead. May your Aloha continuously grow truer and more wonderful with each day you enjoy together.

Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name please hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.

Do you Groom’s Name, take Bride’s Name, to be your wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, to cherish with devoted love and faithfulness ’till death do you part.
(I Do.)

Do you Bride’s Name, take Groom’s Name to be your husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, to cherish with devoted love and faithfulness ’till death do you part.
(I Do.)

Please take out the wedding rings. Your wedding rings are a symbol of your eternal Aloha for one another and commitment to your marriage. Please join hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Groom’s Name please place the ring on Bride’s Name the ring finger of the left hand and repeat after me.

(Repeat after official):  With this ring/ I, Groom’s Name, pledge to thee Bride’s Name /to have and to hold from this day forward/ for better, for worse/ for richer for poorer/ in sickness and in health/ to love and to cherish/ always and forever/ till death we do part./

Bride’s Name please place the ring on Groom’s Name ring finger on his left hand and repeat after me.

(Repeat after official):  With this ring/ I, Bride’s Name, pledge to thee Groom’s Name /to have and to hold from this day forward/ for better, for worse/ for richer for poorer/ in sickness and in health/ to love and to cherish/ always and forever/ till death we do part./

Bride’s Name and Groom’s Name you have pledged your eternal Aloha to one another and your commitment to living together faithfully in lawful wedlock. By the authority vested in me by the laws of the State of State Name, I pronounce you husband and wife. Groom’s Name, you may kiss your bride!  With honor, I proudly announce for the first time Mr. & Mrs. Last Name.

The above Wedding Vows for your Hawaii wedding are used here with permission from Mike & Kim Crinella and Aloha Friends.


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