Paradise Found Creperie

Paradise Found CLOSED in 2011.  It was a small casual crepe restaurant in the Old Lahaina shopping center, next door to Cilantro (which is also now closed).  It was at 170 Papalaua.  Phone 808-661-1747.

The crepes at Paradise Found were all made to order where you can watch.  In addition to breakfast crepes, savory crepes, and sweet crepes, they also had salads, panini sandwiches, and gelato.  There were indoor and outdoor tables.  This was one of the least expensive places to have fresh tasty interesting breakfast, lunch or dinner in Lahaina.  The owner, Bob Loar, was often working at the counter.

See below for some specific Paradise Found Creperie menu items as well as photos.
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Paradise Found Creperie menu (subject to change) $

Breakfast crepes:
Ham, cheddar, sour cream
Scrambled eggs, Portuguese sausage, spinach, Swiss cheese
Corned beef hash, rice, egg
Loco moco
Veggie works

Savory crepes (served with salad):
Eggplant, squash, peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella, herbs, marinara
Spinach, artichokes, tomato, cucumbers, feta, oregano, olive
Turkey, bacon, mushroom, cheddar, dill, Mornay
Marinated chicken, onion, garlic, mushrooms, cheddar, cilantro

Sweet crepes (served with vanilla whipped cream):
Butter, sugar, orange gastrique
Any gelato flavor, chocolate syrup
Banana gelato, chocolate-hazelnut spread, mac nuts
Pineapple passion preserves, vanilla gelato, chocolate brownie
Chocolate gelato, coconut, banana, strawberry

Panini sandwiches (served with salad):
Roast beef

Making your crepe:


Mediterranean crepe (spinach, artichoke, feta, oregano):


Panini sandwich with salad:


Sun Kissed dessert crepe (butter, sugar, orange):


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