Melting Pot

The Melting Pot CLOSED in February 2013.  It was a fondue restaurant, upstairs in the Lahaina Gateway Center, across the main highway from the Lahaina Cannery Mall (Safeway grocery store), at 325 Keawe Street.  Phone 808-661-6181.

Melting Pot dinners consisted of any or all of four courses.  The first optional course is the cheese fondue.  Second is the salad, included with all entrees, and the only course that is not a fondue.  Third course is the entree, consisting of beef or chicken or seafood or vegetarian, all including vegetables and several tasty sauces.  The fourth course is the chocolate fondue dessert, which comes in several varieties.

The cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue are simple, with several cut-up food items that you can just dip into the fondue or pour the fondue over.  But the entree fondue is quite complex, because each piece of food requires

fairly precise cooking time.  You need to watch the time on your watch carefully, so that you cook, for example, each piece of meat in the fondue pot of broth or oil for two and a half minutes, each vegetable for one and a half minutes, and each potato piece for three minutes.  If you leave a piece of food in the oil or broth too long, it gets dried out, or too short and it is raw.

The size of this restaurant was cut in half in late 2011, to make room for a new restaurant opening in 2012 next door, 100 Wines Tapa Bar.  But that 100 Wines restaurant also closed in February of 2013.

In my opinion, The Melting Pot is fun once for a different sort of dining experience, but too much bother timing the cooking of each piece of food as you cook your entree.  The Melting Pot (Lahaina) on Urbanspoon
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Melting Pot menu (subject to change) $$$ Expensive

Cheese fondue:
Wisconsin Trio
Fiesta (Mexican)
Spinach Artichoke

Chocolate fondue:
Plain chocolate
Flaming Turtle (milk chocolate with caramel and pecans)
Bananas Foster (with white chocolate)
Raspberry Infusion (with dark chocolate)

Flaming chocolate fondue:


Turtle fondue (chocolate, caramel, pecans), with fruit and cake to dip:


Menu continued

Spinach Mushroom

Entree fondue:
French Quarter (Cajun shrimp, filet mignon, chicken, sausage)
Seafood (shrimp, scallops, fish)
Shrimp and Sirloin
Breast of Chicken
Sirloin, chicken, and shrimp
Lobster tails
Filet Mignon

Entree chicken with vegetables and dipping sauces:


Pot of cooking oil on your table for entree fondue:


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