Max World Bistro

Max World Bistro CLOSED in 2011.  It was a restaurant in the center of Haiku, on the northwest side of Haleakala (the east half of Maui).  It was at 810 Kokomo, near Haiku Road.  Phone 808-575-2629.  Lilikoi Grill restaurant replaced Max World Bistro at that location in 2011.

Max World Bistro was one of those rare restaurants that managed to serve fine-dining food at moderate-dining prices.  The Maui News said this was the place to “take your taste buds on an adventure around the globe” to “expand your culinary horizons.”  The exotic menu included food styles from the Middle East, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, and Britain.  The desserts were great.  Gourmet pizzas were also available for dine-in or carry-out.  See below for a list of some specific menu items and food photos.

If you don’t mind straying far from the tourist areas of Maui, and you are an adventuresome diner, Max World Bistro was good for lunch or dinner.
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Max World Bistro menu (subject to change) $$

Satay Ayam
Tempura Vegetables
Szechuan Spareribs
Brussel Sprouts Al Catalan

Haiku Toss

Fettuccine Beiellti
Penne Con Rappini e Nocino
Linguini con Vongole in Blanco

Gnocchi Di Giorno
Duck Koresh
Entrecote Frites with Montpellier Butter
Imam Bayildi
Umami Glazed Hibachi Salmon
Gado Gado
Penang Laksa

Chocolate Pate
Cristina’s Tart

Lumpia appetizer:


Duck Koresh:


Umami Glazed Hibachi Salmon:


Dessert tart:


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