Maui Bake Shop

Maui Bake Shop & Deli CLOSED in December 2012 due to the death of the owner Jose Krall in a small airplane accident.  This restaurant was a small inexpensive casual restaurant where Maui residents and very few tourists enjoyed wonderful meals, and took home delicious breads and desserts.  It was at 2092 Vineyard Street in Wailuku.  Phone 808-242-0064.

You ordered your food at the counter, reading today’s menu posted on blackboards, and gazing at the beautiful pastries in the display cases.  Your order was taken, and your meal prepared, by the two chef owners, Jose and Claire Krall.  The plates were then brought to your table.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner.

Some of the best breakfast choices were eggs Benedict or crepes.  Any time of day, the Kula onion soup was amazing.  For lunch or dinner, I liked their sandwiches on freshly baked bread.  See below for menu  list and food photos.

You could get away from the tourists and eat the great food that only the local residents know about, at Maui Bake Shop.

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Maui Bake Shop menu (subject to change) $

Ham and Eggs
Spinach Cheese Omelet
Breakfast Crepe
Salmon with Cream Cheese
Eggs Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict

Shrimp PoBoy with Fries
Ruben Sandwich
Roast Beef au jus
Montecristo Sandwich
Kobe Burger
Mahi Mahi Club Sandwich
Crabcake and Spinach Salad
Roast Beef or Turkey or Tuna Sandwich

Many fresh daily selections

Duck salad:


Kula onion soup:


Mahi mahi (fish) club sandwich:


Pork tenderloin:




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