Top 10 Maui Art Galleries

Updated on:
November 1, 2022

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Top 10 Maui Art Galleries

Maui is an artist’s haven— and the evidence is tangible. Art galleries dot every corner of the island, from Kapalua to Hana. Lahaina’s Front Street has even been called the ‘Art Capital of the Pacific,’ with 21 galleries located over four blocks. Wherever you may find yourself on Maui, rest assured there is an art gallery in your area brimming with treasures. We’ve sifted through the lot to find the best of the best to browse— and possibly pick up a piece to add to your collection!


Maui Art Galleries


Maui Hands

After first opening in Makawao in 1992, Maui Hands has grown into one of the most renowned galleries on the Valley Isle. Today, Maui Hands has three locations across the island and represents 300 local artists. Glassworks, pottery, jewelry, sculptures, woodwork, and many other mediums are featured here. Be sure to visit one of their three galleries in Lahaina, Paia, or Makawao.

  • 1169 Makawao Ave, Makawao
  • 84 Hana Hwy, Paia
  • 612 Front St., Suite D, Lahaina

Maui Art Galleries Paia

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Maui Crafts Guild

Maui Crafts Guild is unique in that its membership policies are stringent— to be considered for membership, artists must be full-time residents of Maui and have lived on the island for at least six months. This strict approach ensures that 100% of the works in the Maui Crafts Guild are made by local artisans. In addition, the Maui Crafts Guild is the only “artist-owned and operative cooperative gallery” on Maui. The Paia-based gallery is stocked with pieces by local woodworkers, jewelers, printmakers, ceramists, textile artists, and more.

  • 120 Hana Hwy, Paia


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Hot Island Glass

Hot Island Glass is one of the most popular galleries in Makawao. Not only are the works of art superb, but gallery guests can also watch live glassblowing in action. The gallery is the result of a partnership between two of Maui’s top glassblowers, Chris Richards and Chris Lowry. The pair create striking glass pieces, such as glass bowls, plates, vases, and sculptures of fish, jellyfish, and turtles.

  • 3620 Baldwin Ave, Makawao

Hot Island Glass

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Hui Noʻeau

The Hui Noʻeau is a plantation-era mansion turned visual arts center and gallery. Almost two centuries ago, the property was the site of the East Maui Plantation. Several decades later, the eminent Baldwin family built the Kaluanui mansion. Ethel Baldwin, her daughter Frances Baldwin Cameron, and a group of twenty friends began hosting an art club on the estate, later dubbing the club Hui Noʻeau. Today, the Hui Noʻeau hosts various art classes, features rotating gallery exhibits, and boasts a well-appointed gift shop. Don’t miss the self-guided walking tour of the property during your visit, either.

  • 2841 Baldwin Ave, Makawao

Hui Noʻeau

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Turnbull Studios and Sculptures

Turnbull Studios and Sculptures is situated on the dramatic coastline between Waihe’e and Kahakuloa. From its unique location, Turnbull Studios showcases a multitude of local artists and a two-acre sculpture garden. The gallery is run by Christine and Steve Turnbull— both sculptors themselves— whose works are featured around the property. While the sculpture garden is one of the gallery’s biggest attractions, the featured local pieces are well worth a stop.

  • 5030 Kahekili Hwy, Wailuku

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Village Gallery

Village Gallery is a standout in a sea of Lahaina art galleries. Established in 1970, Village Galleries is the oldest art gallery in Hawaii. Today, the gallery boasts two locations— one in Lahaina and one in the Ritz Carlton Kapalua. The gallery represents over 100 local artists and showcases work in nearly all media, including ceramic, glass, paintings, handmade jewelry, and sculpture.

  • 120 Dickenson St, Lahaina

Maui Art Galleries Lahaina

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Viewpoints Gallery

Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao features over 20 local artists and is the only fine art cooperative on the island. Original fine art is showcased here, and visitors will find works from some of Maui’s most prominent artists. In addition, rotating shows and exhibits are routinely featured here. Upon stepping foot in the sleek space, it is clear that Hawaii is the muse behind many of the works in the gallery. Viewpoints is a must-stop for any art buff looking to add a Hawaii souvenir to their collection.

  • 3620 Baldwin Ave # 101, Makawao

Maui Art Galleries Viewpoints

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Hana Coast Gallery

On the eastern tip of Maui, the Hana Coast Gallery is one of the top art galleries in the state. The spacious, 3,000-square-foot space showcases countless artworks, including featherworks, glass, stoneworks, sculptures, paintings, etc. However, the gallery’s biggest allure is its collection of Herb Kane works. Herb Kane was one of the most influential Hawaiian artists and devoted his life to studying Polynesian culture and history. All visitors to Hana should add Hana Coast Gallery to their itinerary— after all, Frommer’s magazine called the gallery “the main reason to go to Hana.”

  • 5031 Hana Hwy, Hana

Hana Artwork

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Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery

Located in the Kula Lodge, the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery has been an Upcountry attraction since its opening in 1985. It is the longest-running one-man gallery in Hawaii. Inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty, Cost’s life-like oil paintings depict landscapes from around the state. Cost moved to the islands in the mid-60s at 13, and his paintings serve as a peek into old Hawaii “underneath the surface of change.”

  • 15200 Haleakala Hwy, Kula

Maui Art Galleries Kula

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Native Intelligence

Native Intelligence is not an art gallery per se, but the storefront is brimming with unique fiber and feather art pieces, leis, jewelry, as well as wood, stone, and bone carvings. This Wailuku-based, Hawaiian-owned storefront preserves Hawaiian culture while also offering a space for local artisans and creatives to showcase their craft. From traditional weaponry and woven lauhala hats to feather kahili, Native Intelligence is the perfect place to browse Hawaiian works of art or pick up an authentic souvenir.

  • 1980 Main St #2, Wailuku

Hawaiian Culture

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