Honeymooning on Maui: Best Maui Activities for Adventurous Couples

Updated on:
April 7, 2024

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Honeymooning on Maui: Best Maui Activities for Adventurous Couples

Countless newlyweds choose to honeymoon on Maui – and for a good reason! Maui’s glamorous resorts, picture-perfect sunsets, and outstanding restaurants make the island one of the most romantic destinations in the United States.

As romantic and relaxed as Maui is, there is still plenty to do and see around the island. And if you and your new spouse want to do more than sip mai tais by the pool or get couples massages, you’ve come to the right place.

From hiking through dormant volcanoes to exploring remote coastlines via raft, here are some of the best Maui activities to book for adventurous couples.

Honeymoon Kiss


Haleakala Sunrise Adventure

What is the best way to kick off a memorable honeymoon? Watching the sunrise from 10,000 feet.

Haleakala sunrise is one of the most awe-inspiring – and popular – things to do on Maui. When Mark Twain watched the sunrise over Haleakala Crater in the late 1800s, he called it the “sublimest spectacle” he had ever seen. One hundred and fifty years later, Twain’s words still ring true.

Honeymooning On Maui Sunrise Haleakala

There are two options when planning your Haleakala sunrise adventure: Try to get a reservation or book a tour.

We say “try” to get a reservation because sunrise tickets are hard to come by. Haleakala National Park only releases 150 tickets per sunrise, and there are literally THOUSANDS of visitors clamoring to get their hands on a ticket. You won’t be able to enter the park for sunrise without a reservation.

We recommend taking the simple route and booking a tour with Haleakala EcoTours. It’s a heck of a lot easier than stressing over elusive sunrise tickets, and the bus ride to the summit is much more comfortable and cozy than driving yourself.


Off-The-Beaten-Path Stay in Remote Hana Town

The Road to Hana is Maui’s most epic road trip. The narrow highway winds through miles of lush jungle, offering spectacular views of waterfalls and dramatic coastal scenery.

Most visitors opt to do the Road to Hana in one day. The drive can take anywhere from three to five hours, which means the one-dayers are usually on a tight schedule, rushing from stop to stop. Add traffic and nervous drivers into the mix, and the experience can be incredibly stressful. (There’s a reason why the Road to Hana’s nickname is the “Divorce Highway.”)

Honeymooning Maui Hana Sites

Instead of rushing, slow down the pace and stay a couple of nights at Hale Ulu Lulu in Hana Town. Staying for a few days will help you settle into the off-the-beaten-track pace of Hana, get to know the local vibe, and give you more time to explore.

Plus, Hale Ulu Lulu is just minutes from Hana’s best beach: Hamoa.


Romantic Private Sunset Sail

Honeymooning on Maui should include at least one epic splurge.

For adventure-seeking couples, look no further than Maui Custom Charters, a private sailing charter company. MCC’s private sunset sail offers the perfect dose of adventure and romance.

Honeymooning On Maui Sunset Sail

As you sail off into the sunset, you’ll have the entire sailboat to yourself. The crew will whip you up some charcuterie to nibble on, and though Maui Custom Charters doesn’t serve alcohol, you can BYOB on board.

If you need a little more excitement, ask the crew about fishing off the stern or hands-on sailing lessons. They’re sure to help you spice up your evening.


South Coast Rafting Adventure

Not all Molokini boat tours are created equal. Some have a little extra razzle-dazzle. If you and your new spouse want to experience the magic of Molokini (plus a few extra thrilling perks), go with Redline Rafting.

Instead of creeping out of Maalaea Harbor on a mega tour boat, you’ll speed from Kihei Boat Ramp to Molokini Crater on Redline’s lightning-fast 35-foot raft. After some time snorkeling Molokini’s famous waters, you’ll also snorkel Molokini’s rarely seen back wall (weather permitting), which plunges 300 feet to the seafloor. It’s a little spooky but totally unforgettable.

Honeymooning On Maui Redline Rafting Kihei

From there, you’ll jet over to the lava coastline near La Perouse Bay, where unique lava formations and (sometimes) spinner dolphins are on full display. Very few tour boats venture here, making for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Couples Surf Lesson

Couples who surf together stay together.

Make lasting memories by taking a private surf lesson with Maui Surfer Girls. The MSG instructors are top-notch, and their private lessons set you up for surfing success. Everything you need for an epic surf sesh is provided, including boards, rash guards, and personalized instruction.

Surf Lessons At The Cove

MSG offers lessons at the loveliest beginner break on Maui: Ukumehame Beach Park. This golden strip of sand offers mellow rolling waves, crystal clear waters, and epic views of the West Maui Mountains from the lineup. You can even request a photographer to capture your first surf session with your new spouse!


Outdoor Adventure Photo Session

Booking a photo session with a professional photographer is a great way to remember your Maui honeymoon forever. But with a Maui Photographer, your photo shoot is also an outdoor adventure.

Adventure Shots on Haleakala

Karma Hill is an expert Maui photographer. Not only can she navigate the island’s ever-changing light (you know how it goes… Maui can be blazing sun one minute and cloudy the next), but she also knows all the perfect photoshoot locations. Most of her honeymoon sessions include some type of outdoor adventure, whether it be exploring a secluded beach or trekking to a lush waterfall.


Haleakala Volcano Trek

For intrepid honeymooners, a jaunt into Haleakala Crater is essential. The enormous volcanic crater boasts myriad hiking trails, leading through cindery deserts and along precipitous ridges.

Hiking Haleakala

The park has miles of trails, and trying to select just one can become overwhelming. For a comprehensive experience, go on a guided hiking tour with Hike Maui. Hike Maui’s expert guides will lead you along two different trails within Haleakala National Park.

Plus, you’ll also get to know Haleakala’s storied history, from legends of demigods to the volcano’s epic geological past.


One of a Kind Whale Watch

Honeymooning on Maui during the winter season? You’re in luck because winter on Maui equals humpback whales – and lots of them.

There are lots of tour companies that offer whale watches on Maui. But Kai Kanani Sailing is consistently ranked among the best. Kai Kanani’s whale watches double as eco-tours, with marine naturalists onboard offering insight into whale behavior. You might even get to listen to whales singing underwater via hydrophone.

Maui Whale Watch

As for the thrill factor… Rather than docking at a harbor, Kai Kanani loads from Maluaka Beach in Makena. Beach loading can be an exciting experience, especially if there’s a little bit of swell in the water, but it’s something you’ll certainly never forget!


Some of these Maui activities can sell out way in advance, so be sure to book ASAP. Better yet, book today! See you on Maui soon; happy travels.

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