Maui Fires MisManagement

Updated on:
August 11, 2023

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Many Maui residents have been going through hell over the last few days.  Some of it could have been avoided with better organization and communication and swifter response from our government. 

We understand that this came at us fast, but response has been broken from the major organizations and government bodies we desperately need it from.  The only parts of disaster response we’re seeing being effective so far are from some local agencies and locals!  The problem is dire and still exists. 

Read an urgent plea this morning from Kahana Ridge resident Brent Williams:

“Got back to Lonni last night. I had to go to the Maui County Mayors office in person, call the Governor’s office, Hawaii Emergency Services and let them know that my wife is by herself, with the dogs. I’m not allowed to get to her. I was trapped on the other side of the fire in Lahaina town when they shut down the road. She along with everyone else that were north of the town of Lahaina are trapped. They are in need and they are being held hostage by the rules in place while the rest of the island is either on vacation, working, having Starbucks, shopping at Target, playing golf, eating out, watching TV, seeing what is online and what is happening in Lahaina and around the world. Business as usual.

These people north of the town of Lahaina have no idea what is going on. They have not seen what had happened in Lahaina, they have not heard what is happening with the power situation or internet communication or phone service. They have been cut off by someone saying you can’t leave because if you do go get some supplies for your family we wont let you back in. They have to find a spot to get enough cell service to do a text. Data is not good enough to make a phone call. Let alone look online to see what is going on or happening. They say there is gas at a truck at a park, the Ritz Carlton will have cold food at noon to give out. First of all the people here in the area don’t get that info because they have no access to find out. When I got here last night they told me there is a spot down there where those chairs in the park that has spotty service for a text. That’s it. Really, they can’t bring in some cellular satellite Wi-Fi locations to let people communicate. Of wait, they can, it’s called a road to drive over to reality that is 40 minutes away. Our Kahana Ridge subdivision is running out of diesel for our generator that runs the water supply since the power is out. The county won’t supply diesel to our subdivision because we are a private community. The diesel driver said he could fill up a truck with fuel or get some to the Ritz Carlton but not the couple hundred homes that are going to have no water supply as soon as that generator runs dry. Oh wait, if a couple hundred homes couple get diesel for a generator to keep the water flowing it would be great. Oh wait, they won’t let a truck come in to do that and the county won’t do it either. Again, there is a road that is clear goi g through Maalaea. People are trying to drive around the top of the island to get supplies and medial needs and are getting checked by the locals up there to make sure you can get through. A dangerous road, a tough trip and normally a road that wouldn’t drive my family on for safety reasons.

I drove the road home last night. It’s clear, some power lines down on the sides of the road but if the buses and taxis and service vehicles can get back and forth to the other side of the island. Then the people who live over here should be able to drive that road. They have roads into Lahaina town blocked. So let the people drive by and get to some type of reality and services on the other side.

While all that is going on. The people north of the town of Lahaina, have no power, no internet, no gas, no LP, no food, no stores are open, no gas stations, nothing open. Because if they chose to drive to the other side of the island for do any of the above things they would not be allowed to go back home.

Last night I got back to my house. I brought what gas I could, some food, water, 2 generators. People are literally using up the last of their food in the refrigerators and freezers that are going rotten. Having to BBQ what they can now so it doesn’t rot. Only the dry goods are remaining now. People are waiting for a use of a generator if they can get it to simple try and get an hour to keep something cool in their refrigerator.

Can you call and email any tv or radio or social media platform to get the word out to make things happen fast.”