Rainy Day On Maui: What To Do When It Rains

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Rainy Day On Maui: What To Do When It Rains

And How to Try to Avoid Rain on Maui

This page covers two subjects about Maui and rain

  1. things to do in Maui when it rains, and
  2. how to decrease your chances of having a rainy day on Maui.

Below is a list of activities and sights and things to do in Maui when it rains.  The suggestions are listed in order of my recommendation, and most have links to more information about that sight or activity.

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Then information about which months of the year have the least rain on Maui, and which parts of Maui to stay on that have the least rain.

Or click for more things to do in Maui whether it’s raining or not.

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Things To Do In Maui When It Rains

*Click on the links below for more info about each item

Aquarium – mostly indoors, with only a few outdoor exhibits

– Lahaina Cannery Mall is completely enclosed
– Queen Kaʻahumanu Shopping Center is Maui’s largest
– Shops at Wailea have covered walkways
– Hilo Hattie largest store of souvenirs and clothes

Spa – Luxury in hotels, less expensive at independents

Hula Show – Free indoors at Cannery Mall

Leisurely lunch or dinner at a fine-dining restaurant

If it’s raining at the nearest beach, try Big Beach in Makena
where it rains much less often

Wine Tasting and winery tour free at Maui Wine

Art Galleries in Lahaina, including
Village GalleryLahaina GalleriesMartin LawrenceSargent’s

Tour insides of luxury resort hotels Kaʻanapali and Wailea. This is not only one of my favorite things to do in Maui when it rains, but also one of my favorites at any time, and it’s not usually mentioned in any guidebooks.

Submarine ride or glass-bottom boat

A & B Sugar Museum in Puunene

See exotic birds and plants to take home at Dan’s Greenhouse

Read a book on your lanai

Barnes & Noble bookstore in Kahului

Shops in Makawao or Paia – take an umbrella to get between the shops

Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center in Upcountry

Watch channel 7 – Maui TV

Go to a movie

Call a golf course on the other side of the island to ask whether it is raining on that side & play golf there.

Makena & Wailea courses get less rain than Kapalua and Kaʻanapali courses

Rainfall is a common occurrence on the island, especially during the winter months of November to March. The wet season is typically more intense on the eastern and northern parts of the island, while the west and south tend to be drier. During a rainy day on Maui, it is common for the skies to be overcast and the winds to be stronger. The rainfall can range from light showers to heavy downpours, and the temperature may be cooler than usual.

Despite the rain, there are still many activities that visitors to Maui can enjoy on a rainy day. For example, the island has several indoor attractions, such as museums and art galleries, that provide a sheltered option for exploring the local culture. Some visitors may also enjoy going on a scenic drive to see the island’s beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. The roads on Maui are generally well-maintained, and the rainfall can make the scenery even more picturesque.

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If the rain is not too heavy (think Flash Floods), it can also be a great time to go hiking on one of Maui’s many trails. The rain can make the trails more challenging, but it can also make the scenery more vibrant and beautiful.

Overall, while rainy days on Maui may be different from the island’s usual sunny weather, there are still plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy.

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When To Go To Maui To Avoid Rain

The least rainy months of the year on Maui each have less than a half-inch of rain:

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

Mid-range in rainfall (1-2 inches) are:

  • April
  • May
  • October
  • March

The rainiest months (2-3.5 inches) are:

  • November
  • February
  • December
  • January

Details are at Maui Weather

Forecast for the next 7 days at Maui forecast

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Where To Stay In Maui To Avoid Rain

The south side of Maui, especially Wailea, gets the least rain:

South Maui Hotels
South Maui Condos

If you stay on the west side, there’s less rain closest to Lahaina and Kaʻanapali, and more rain in Napili and Kapalua:

\West Maui Hotels
West Maui Condos

There is much more rain in Hana:

Road to Hana

Details are at Maui Rain by City & Area


Though visitors dread them, rainy days on Maui are very special. The sky opens up and suddenly you feel like the whole island is yours. The sound of rain hitting the window, the smell of wet plants and soil, and watching how quickly everything turns from brown to green again (on the west and south side) – all these things can give you a feeling of tranquility and solitude (because most visitors will stay indoors). Rainy days bring out some incredible rainbows as well, providing opportunity to capture unique photos of the Valley Isle. Whether it’s getting lost in nature, reconnecting with your inner self, or just enjoying the beauty around you – rainy days on Maui truly provide something special!

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