Maui Glass Blowing

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Maui Glass Blowing

Where To See and Buy Blown Glass on Maui

Maui glass includes several places where you can see glass blowing, and see or buy beautiful glass art objects in Maui.

Hot Island Glass is the best-known glass art store in Maui. Here the available Maui glass objects include glass art that includes embedded Maui ocean creatures such as their beautiful jellyfish designs.  The glassblowing is done behind a counter-barrier but you can usually get a decent view of the process. This gallery is in a shopping center in Makawao.

Makai Glass is the largest Maui glass shopping and observing building in which you can see or buy glass art.  It has by far the largest viewing area, where you can watch the glassblowing from a mezzanine elevated well above the glassblowers. This gallery is in an old warehouse in Haliimaile.

Worcester Glassworks is the best place in Maui to get up close for a personal view of glass blowing and to have a personal chat with the artists creating the Maui glass objects here.  It’s a studio on the property of the home of the family that works here, in an out-of-the-way location in Kula (part of Upcountry).

Moana Glass is the only place on Maui where you can take a lesson and create your own glass art piece any day. You can also watch demonstrations of professional glassblowers.  It’s in Lahaina, a short drive from all of the west side hotels and condos, so you don’t have to go all the way to Upcountry to see glassblowing.

Kai Pua Glass Artist Studio is a very small store in Lahaina, featuring Maui glass in delicate and intricate art objects.  There’s no glass blowing, but their glass artist works in a tiny booth surrounded by windows, so you can watch him while standing just outside of the store, which is just a few steps from Front Street.

The Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center sometimes has glassblowing demonstrations or classes, in their large old building just south of Makawao. Call them for the schedule.

The above links will take you to pages about each of these places, where you will find information about their location and phone numbers, as well as photos and videos.  If you want to see glassblowing, be sure to call before you go, to find out what times they will be doing glassblowing that day.

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