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Updated on:
September 16, 2021

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Where to Eat at Maui Airport Restaurants

Kahului Airport Restaurants

There are only a few restaurants in the main Maui airport in Kahului (airport code OGG). Maui airport food is most available at restaurants that are grouped together in one location in the center of the second floor, inside of security, where the hallways all meet that connect all departure and arrival gates.

The only full-service restaurant in the airport is Sammy’s. It is owned by and named after Sammy Hagar, a singer from the group Van Halen. Unlike the other Maui airport restaurants, Sammy’s has waiters-waitresses and a bar, in addition to a full menu. Their phone number is 808-877-5858. Below is a list of menu items for this restaurant, the largest here at Kahului airport.

A small buy-at-the-counter restaurant in this same central food court is The Old Plantation Store.  They have a short menu of a few sandwiches and salads.

The other restaurants for you to get Maui airport food in this food court are national chain fast-food restaurants where you order at the counter. They are California Pizza Kitchen and Burger King.  These each have a somewhat smaller selection of food than those same chain restaurants would have in one of their city locations.

See below for the menu list and photos.

There are over 180 other restaurants all over the island of Maui reviewed on this website. Most of them are better than Maui airport food.  So I suggest that you pick up a carryout meal at one of Maui’s best inexpensive restaurants on your way to the airport for your departure and eat that while you are waiting to board your plane, instead of eating at any of the Maui airport restaurants. (Remember that you can’t take over 3 oz of any liquid through airport security, so you’ll have to buy your drink inside the airport.)

If you are arriving on Maui, skip the Maui airport food, and go from the airport to one of the restaurants in Kahului.  The restaurant closest to the airport is Marco’s, or there are Maui food trucks nearby.

Maui line

Sammy’s menu (subject to change) $$ Moderate

Salad & Soup

Beach Salad

Kicked-Up Chili

Seafood Bisq


Shrimp Cocktail

Chili Cheese Fries

Onion Rings

Chips & Guacamole

Haleakala Wings

Pollo Fingers

Salad & Soup

Beach Salad

Kicked-Up Chili

Seafood Bisque


Ahi Tuna Burger

Poppin Dog

Cheddar Jack Bacon Melt

Kaula Pork

Beach Burger


Ono Pescado


Pollo Bocadillo

Alii Steak

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Maui Airport Food

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