Do I Need A Rental Car on Maui?

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Do I Need A Rental Car on Maui?

Answers to Needing a Rental Car On Maui

My wife and I are staying in Kihei.  I haven’t planned any activities to do yet but want to know how to get around the island.  We aren’t planning on a car rental.  Any advice?

You need a rental car for the whole time you are on Maui.  There is no significant bus transportation, and taxis every day would cost a fortune.  Without a car, all you will be able to do is sit around the pool at your condo or walk to the nearest beach.  You could do those things in southern California a lot cheaper than going to Maui.  If you are on Maui, you’ll want to see the sights, try the restaurants, experience several different beaches, and shop in Lahaina.  For all those things you need a car.

There are a dozen good tips on how to get the best price on a Maui rental car on the following page of this website: Car Rental Deals.

But if you still insist that you don’t want a rental car on Maui, here is a page about how you can get by on Maui without a car.

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