Hawaiian Gifts

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January 25, 2022

1/25/2022: Happy Whale Season!  If a few of these pages look a little wonky, I'm sorry!  I've just rebuilt the site and have over 50 pages left to go through for final fixes.

Presents to Order Online and Send to Anyone from Hawaii

Whether you are going to Maui or any of the Hawaiian Islands or not, the easy way to send gifts from Hawaii to friends and family, or to yourself, is to order them online.

Below are links to websites where you can order gifts from Hawaii.  These include jewelry, flowers, candy, clothing, coffee, books, food, and more.

Maui Stickers
Order unique Maui stickers and help support local Maui businesses.  If you order 10+, you get a shirt too!
Maui Stickers

Hilo Hattie
In my opinion, Hilo Hattie is the best place to buy clothes, nuts, candy, souvenirs, and other gifts from Hawaii.  They have the widest variety at reasonable prices.

Kona Coffee
You can order world-famous Kona Coffee from many sources including Hula Daddy.  Though often sold out, you can get delicious 100% Maui Coffee from small farms at Aloha Rise.

Multiple choices of flavors, boxes, and gift baskets of cookies.

This is one of the best jewelry stores in Hawaii, with 8 locations on Maui, as well as online ordering.

Wide variety of chocolates plain, fancy, or more.

Household items and furnishings
Boxes, bowls, frames, lamps, clocks, wall decor.

Hawaiian music
Hawaiian music CD’s  or  Hawaiian Christmas music CD’s

Surfing Goat Dairy
Gift baskets from Maui’s own goat farm

My favorite bookstore, whether for Hawaii books or anything else, is Amazon.

Trip to Maui
Of course the best gift is always a trip to Maui.
Flights     Hotels-Condos     Rental Cars

To choose a place to stay on Maui, see the section of this website about Maui Hotels and Maui Condos.

MOST RECENT UPDATE:  Maui Movie Theaters