Best Time To Go To Hawaii

Updated on:
October 18, 2021

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The Best Time To Go To Hawaii


When is the best time to go to Hawaii?  Is it better to go in summer, winter, spring, or fall?  When is the slow season?  When is the expensive season?  When is the rainy season?  When is the best weather?


It’s ALWAYS a good time to go to Hawaii.

In the winter, there is more chance of rain than at other times of the year. But this is still the best time to go to Hawaii because you can escape from the terrible winter weather back home. And it usually only rains for a couple of hours, once or twice per week. There are parts of each island that get more rain (usually the east side), and parts that get less rain (usually the west side). But on Maui, for example, Kaanapali Beach, my favorite part of Maui, does not get much rain either, and an hour or two of rain sure beats a week or two of snow back home. And winter is the only time to see the whales.

Christmas to New Year is the most crowded time and the most expensive time to go to Hawaii. Hotels can charge their highest prices this week because they are usually completely filled with families traveling during the time school is out.

Summer is the hottest time in Hawaii, and the least rainy. It’s a good time for many families to bring the kids while school is out.

Spring and fall are the least crowded times to go to Hawaii, so you can get the best package deals on hotels and condos, the easiest time getting into any restaurant, and the least traffic on the roads. This is the off-season so is the best time to go to Hawaii if you want to save money on your trip.

For a detailed chart showing the temperature and rainfall for each month of the year, see the Weather page.

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Christmas – Not The Best Time To Go To Hawaii – Very Crowded

Best time to go to Hawaii

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