New Years Eve

Updated on:
October 29, 2014

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What Shall We Do For New Year’s Eve on Maui?

[the_ad id=”12286″]One of the most frequent questions I get from readers of this Maui Vacations website is what to do on Maui for various holidays.  This page has my suggestions for what to do on New Year’s Eve.

Several Maui hotels and restaurants have special dinners or entertainment on New Year’s Eve.  They usually do not have their plans set until December, so you will need to call them 2 to 4 weeks in advance to find out exactly what they have scheduled for this year, as well as to ask them their prices for this year, and to make your reservation for these events.  The dinners and shows listed on this page are only EXAMPLES from recent New Year’s Eves.  I cannot list the actual events for THIS New Year’s Eve because they change each year and are not set far enough in advance for me to keep up with them on this page.  So use the phone numbers shown below to call each place and ask them if they are doing a dinner or entertainment for this New Year’s Eve, or what they have planned for this year.

The only New Year’s Eve fireworks on Maui in most recent years has been at the Grand Wailea, so call them at 808-875-1234 to ask whether they are having it this year.  Often individual tourists and residents set off very small fireworks on the sand on the beach, such as in Kaanapali, but those are unscheduled.

See New Year’ Eve listings below.  Or click for more things to do on Maui for any time of year.

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New Year’s Eve on Maui

Restaurants with Special Dinners Or Entertainment

Hotels with Special Dinners Or Entertainment

New Year's Eve
*Each of the above events, dinners, and entertainment, occurred on New Year’s Eve on Maui in recent past years, but are not yet set for this year. Call the above phone numbers to find out what is scheduled at each of those locations for this year.

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