Kaʻanapali 1964 Video

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January 25, 2022

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Kaʻanapali 1964 Video

Maui Through the Ages

First Kaʻanapali Hotels, Tourists in Dressy Clothes, Tourists Before the Jet Age, Hawaii Before Tourism

There are four old Maui history videos on this page, showing Maui in 1964, 1974, 1940, and 1924.

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Kaʻanapali Maui 1964

The first video below is an old commercial for Kaʻanapali Beach Maui from 1964.  It’s fascinating to see how much has changed since then.  The only hotels are the old Sheraton and the Royal Lahaina cottages.  Guys are wearing jackets and ties (and even a tie clip).  Women are wearing fancy dresses, pearls, and their hair up and sprayed in place.  You can see a plane land at the tiny old airstrip that was near the beach just north of Kaʻanapali.  Listen to the references to old gender roles for men and women.  Spot the old-fashioned cameras.  A car drives into the prison in Lahaina, and there are other brief views showing Lahaina not as built up or crowded as at present.

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Kaʻanapali 1974

This second video below shows some of the construction on the west side of Maui from 1974 to 1976. It’s from the Maui Surf Hotel, which is now called the Westin Maui Resort. This video includes several aerial views so you can see how much of west Maui was still undeveloped at that time.

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Maui 1940

The video below shows Maui in 1940.  You can see the tourists arriving in the era before jets, Maui’s towns with pre-World-War-II cars on the streets, and Maui’s sights the way they looked before they were made more accessible for visitors.

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Hawaii 1924

The video below shows the Hawaiian Islands in 1924.  In these much older scenes, you will see Hawaii more rural, with the main industry being farming rather than tourism.

For a video of the history of the town of Lahaina, see the bottom of the Lahaina Maui page.

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