Kapalua Coastal Trail

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Hike in Northwest Maui

The Kapalua Coastal Trail is a beautiful hike through lava fields and wilderness, alongside the ocean, and beside luxury hotels and condos, in the northwest corner of Maui. (see Kapalua Hiking Trail photos and video below)

This easy hike is 1.76 miles one way, or about three and a half miles round trip.  It runs from the south end of Kapalua Bay (where you can park in the Bay Villas beach access parking lot) to D.T. Fleming Beach (the beach at the north end of the Montage Kapalua, where you can park in the Fleming Beach parking lot).  It is open from sunrise to sunset.

There are accommodations along the Kapalua Coastal Trail, from the Kapalua Villas to the Ritz Carlton. The path also skirts the grounds of the Montage Kapalua Bay, formerly the Kapalua Bay Hotel. Montage Kapalua Bay is one of the top accommodation choices in the area. It boasts several Kapalua attractions, like the five-acre Spa Montage, the historic Cliff House venue, The Sunset Luau at Kapalua, and world-class dining at the resort’s signature restaurant, Cane and Canoe. Whether you’re a guest of Montage Kapalua Bay or not, stop by the resort and indulge in some top-notch amenities the next time you find yourself wandering the Kapalua Coastal Trail.

Kapalua Coastal Trail map

The Kapalua Coastal Trail runs alongside the ocean through the Kapalua Resort. You will see great ocean views, spectacular waves crashing into lava rocks, natural greenery, fields of lava, beautiful beaches, and luxurious hotels and condos. You will walk on pavement, lava, sand, dirt, gravel, weeds, rocks, stairs, and wooden walkways. The beaches at the start and end of the trail were each named the best beach in the United States, Kapalua Beach in 2018 and Fleming Beach in 2003.   You can start your walk at either end of the trail, make the round trip, and then spend the rest of the day at one of those two great beaches.

There are two other hiking trails in Kapalua.  The first is the Mahana Ridge Trail, which is a strenuous 10 miles round trip, starting at Fleming Beach or the Kapalua Village Center and ending at the Maunalei Arboretum. This Kapalua hiking trail climbs over 2000 feet in elevation, and the views of Kapalua Bay and West Maui are outstanding along the way. Make sure to bring plenty of water on this hike; many report it is strenuous. Another warning from trail hikers is about mud. After the rain, this trail can get quite muddy, making for extra work and a harder day. Wait until a couple of sunny days have passed before taking on this hike.

Mahana Ridge Trail Kapalua

The other is the Village Walking Trails, which consists of six trails of varying difficulty that go along the cart path of the former Village Golf Course. There is a loop through the Kapalua Village walking trails that covers about 4 miles and ascends about 775 feet in elevation. There are steep sections in several spots along the trail loop, but many of the walking trails are paved. Early morning is the best time to hike as the day gets hot, and hiking in the dark is not the best option.

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Kapalua Coastal Trail photos & video

Kapalua Coastal Trail
Kapalua Coastal Trail beside condos
Kapalua Views
Kapalua Coastal Trail big waves in the ocean
Kapalua Sites Along Trail

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