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June 29, 2015

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R2H – The Road to Hana

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R2H is an audio CD to play in your rental car as you drive the famous Road to Hana on Maui.  The CD helps you find the best places to see on that drive, as well as teaching you about Maui sights and history.


Experiencing the Road to Hana

There are several CD’s sold in stores on Maui, designed to be played along the way to Hana, but many of them are not very good.  The R2H is one of the best.  I strongly recommend that you purchase a CD like this so you won’t miss the best sights of the trip.  Of the two best CD’s, this one called R2H is the most dramatic, and colorful.  It has continuous background music.  The narration conveys the author’s love of Maui in beautiful language that at times can even be called romantic.  It may not give as much detailed information about the flora and fauna as some of the other available CD’s for the Road to Hana, but it makes up for that in its contagious enthusiasm for the total experience of the sights along the way.

You can order the R2H CD online or buy it at any of over 50 places on Maui, from this link buy R2H CD.

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