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Updated on:
October 21, 2021

Newest Maui Article: Road to Hana

Maui Attractions and Activities

Sightseeing on Maui is world-renowned!

Maui has so much to see!  From Maui attractions like Lahaina’s Banyan Tree, Haleakala Crater, the Garden of Eden, Iao Valley, and so much more!  We also have many things to see while doing a Maui activity like luaus, whale watching, helicopter tours, dinner cruises, horseback riding and so much more.  

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Some Maui activities that will give you great views:


Maui Whale Watching

Maui whale watching

There are few views of the coastline as good as one blocked by a breaching whale.  During the winter months, the ocean around Maui is bursting with life!


Haleakala Tours

Haleakala hiking tours

Hiking within Haleakala, watching sunrise from the summit, or riding downhill for miles on a bike, Haleakala has quite a lot to offer!


Maui Luaus

Luaus Maui

These particular photos were shot at the Andaz Luau, which is one of our favorite luaus.  You’ll love the food, music, fire dancing, sunset, and hula.


Maui Zipline Courses

Maui zipline courses

You get some pretty amazing vantage points from up high zipping above the trees.


Maui Sunset Cruises

sunset on the water

Sunset almost anywhere on Maui can be memorable, but watching it over the water gives you a mirror reflection.  It’s like getting 2 sunsets in one!


Road to Hana

Road to hana sights

There are some remarkable views along the Road to Hana.  That being said, with the traffic and challenges we’re seeing along the Hana Highway lately, it’s best to go on a tour.  That way you eliminate a bunch of cars from the road and your guide will take you to approved and safe places.


And, here are just some of the many other sights to see on Maui.

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Maui Sightseeing Photos

Maui sights