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November 14, 2014

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I heard that a new Hawaiian island called Loihi is forming.  When can I go there?



You can plan a vacation on the island of Loihi in 50,000 years.

All of the Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanoes that began from the ocean floor, with eruptions over millions of years growing each island up to and above the surface of the ocean.  Eighteen miles southeast of the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a new island called Loihi forming, with lava erupting from its peak underwater and building it closer to the ocean surface.  The top of Loihi is still 3000 feet underwater.  It is estimated that it will take another 50,000 years for it to rise up and form dry land for a new Hawaiian island.

For the location of Loihi, see the map below.

The new island of Loihi is in the lower right corner of this map, southeast of the Big Island of Hawaii:
[the_ad id=”12741″]Map of Loihi Hawaiian island

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