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Locations of Hotels and Condos on Kaanapali Beach Map

The Kaanapali Beach Map on this page shows the location of each hotel and condo on that beach.  Below the map are links to reviews with photos and information about each hotel and condo.  There is also a separate map below to show where Kaanapali Beach is on Maui.

See Kaanapali Beach photo and video at the bottom of this page

Below is a Kaanapali Beach map showing all Kaanapali Beach hotels and condos. Use the Plus and Minus buttons in the lower left corner to zoom in or out.

Click on any of the blue balloons in the map above for the name of that hotel or condo and a link to its review and photos.  The balloons on this map show the locations of some of the hotels and condos in this area. Check out our favorites listed here in order from north to south:

Eldorado condo
Kaanapali Beach hotel
Whaler condo
Kaanapali Alii condo
Marriott timeshare

All of these hotels and condos on this Kaanapali Beach map have Lahaina mailing addresses, but they are not actually in the town of Lahaina, which is about four miles to the south. If you are staying here in Kaanapali, you are in the right place for all beach activities.  There are even boats that will pick you up right on Kaanapali Beach to take you out for whale watching or snorkeling. Hotels and condos immediately north of the above map are on the North Kaanapali Beach hotels and condos map.

Kaanapali Beach is the main hotel-condo resort strip on the west side of Maui.  It has Maui’s most famous beach, all of the hotels and condos listed above, Whalers Village shopping center, and many restaurants in the hotels and shopping center.  It is about a 10-minute drive north of the popular tourist town of Lahaina, where you will find lots more restaurants, shopping, art galleries, and sightseeing. Click for more info about Kaanapali Beach.

Where on Maui is Kaanapali Beach?
It’s on the west coast of the west side of Maui, north of Lahaina and south of Kapalua, at the location shown by the tiny pink and red box on the map below.  Use the Plus and Minus buttons in the corner of the map to zoom in or out.

Kaanapali is about 50 minute’s drive from the Maui airport in Kahului, about 10 minute drive from the town of Lahaina, and about an hour’s drive from the other (south Maui) tourist section of Maui in Kihei-Wailea.

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