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Maui Lu

Maui Lu Hotel in Kihei

Maui Lu was an older hotel at 575 South Kihei Road, near the north end of Kihei.  It CLOSED in 2014.  The property is going to be used to build a new HGV Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare. There have been continuous postponements for construction of that new building, but as of 2019 they said the first of the three phases of that new Hilton timeshare will open in 2021.

About The Maui Lu

Unlike most of the accommodations in Kihei, Maui Lu was a hotel and not a condo, so rooms did not have kitchens.  There were three 3-story buildings containing 72 rooms set far back from the road, across the main street from the ocean.  And there were three 2-story buildings containing 48 rooms that were on the ocean side of that main road.  The oceanfront rooms were rented for higher prices than the “garden” rooms that were far uphill on the side away from the ocean.  There were two small beach areas adjacent to the ocean-side buildings.  There was a large grass area around the hillside buildings.  The office and the Maui-island-shaped swimming pool and the tennis courts were near the “garden” buildings, so a long walk from the ocean buildings, while the beach was a long walk from the garden buildings.  Rooms were air-conditioned.

This was considered a budget property, so not luxurious like the newer hotels in Wailea or Kaanapali.  The hotel was built in 1959.  Rentals were managed by Aston, so you may hear this hotel called the Aston Maui Lu.  For reviews and photos of other choices on this side of Maui see South Maui Hotels or South Maui condos.

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