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GyPSy Guide is an app for smartphones, that plays helpful and interesting audio directions and information, as you drive around on Maui.  This app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones, as well as iPads and some other tablets if those devices have GPS.

The GyPSy Guide app always knows where you are on Maui, so it automatically plays recorded information, teaching you about whatever area of Maui you are driving through.  The sound comes out of your smartphone’s speaker.  People most often use it for the day they are driving the Road to Hana, so the recorded guide in your car can tell you where to see the best sights.  But whether on that scenic drive, or on the road up Haleakala volcano, or on any of the major roads of Maui, the guide always has fascinating things to say about Maui history, facts, and legends.  For example, using this guide for three of my days on Maui, I learned a lot about history, geology, whales, monk seals, dolphins, snorkeling, and the legendary demigod Maui.  The guide also gives some brief helpful directions for finding your way around on Maui.

Go to the online store where you buy apps for your phone or mobile device.  Search for “Gypsy Guide” and choose “Full Maui GPS Driving Tour.”

This guide was formerly available as a temporary rental device with GPS to use in your Maui rental car.  But now it is much less expensive and easier to get and to use, since it is now an app you can purchase once and use forever, on your smartphone.

In the below video, you will hear the audio information that the GyPSy Guide plays when you drive with it throughLahaina.  The GyPSy Guide does not contain video.

This app is like having a personal tour guide with you in your rental car, and you control the volume. More info is atGyPSy Guide app

GyPSy Guide

GyPSy Guide Maui

Video of Lahaina with GyPSy Guide

The GyPSy Guide plays the audio, not the above video,

as you drive through Lahaina.

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