You deserve great service

When you go to restaurants that you heard about here, you can get the best service by telling them you heard about them on Jon’s Maui Info website. Why? Because you only go there once, but the readers of this web site represent many Maui visitors. The people in these restaurants know that I will hear about the kind of service they give you. They know that I will only continue to recommend them if they give great service to the people who read about them here and who report their experiences back to me by email or by filling out the questionnaire at the bottom of the Printable Maui Guide section of this website. So tell your waiter or waitress, tell the person who greets you at the restaurant, tell the person who answers the phone when you call to make your reservation, tell the manager or chef at the restaurant if you see him/her, tell them all! Tell them you heard about them on Jon’s Maui Vacations website.


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