Here are the Maui Hawaii facts you need for your vacation.  These links will take you to pages about Maui weather, air flights, a map, and more. 

  • Maui Weather  —  Charts showing the high, low, rainfall, and ocean water temperature for each month of the year, plus a chart showing sunrise and sunset times for each month, plus today’s and tomorrow’s weather on Maui
  • Air Flights, Air Fares, Air Tickets, Airports  —  How to get a good deal on air tickets to Maui, which airport to fly into, how to get between one Hawaiian island and another
  • Maps of Maui  —  Links to interactive Maui map, plus maps of Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kihei, Hawaii, and the U.S.
  • Hawaiian Flowers  —  Photos and facts about the types of beautiful flowers you will see on your Maui vacation
  • FAQ  —  Frequently Asked Questions about Maui Vacations, with answers
  • Maui Grocery Delivery  —  How to order groceries delivered to your Maui condo or hotel and ready for your arrival
  • Maui Hawaii Time Zone  —  What time is it in Hawaii? What is the time difference between Hawaii and other parts of the United States?
  • Maui Weather Forecast  —  Predicted weather for South Maui and West Maui for the next few days
  • Questions & Answers  —  Questions that people have emailed to me, and my answers
  • Books  —  Recommended books about Maui sights, activities, hotels, restaurants, and background, to help you get the most out of your visit
  • Maui Newsletter  —  Archive of all past issues of the free monthly Maui Newsletter (For future issues, click here to subscribe free.)
  • Maui Twitter Tweets  —  Continuously updated Tweets with the latest info from some of Maui’s best Twitter users
  • Hawaiian Music:
  • Hawaiian Gifts  —  Gifts from Hawaii that you can order over the internet
  • Sitemap  —  A detailed outline of all of the over 700 pages of this Maui Vacation Information website
  • Links  —  Links to other websites with more information
  • It’s Who You Know  —  Maui people it will be good to know about
  • Hawaiian Recipes  —  Recipe for Hawaiian Chicken
  • Website history  —  History of this Maui website

Each of the above links will take you to a page with more facts and info about Maui and Hawaii.

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You’re on the right track, doing your homework and planning your time on Maui.

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