What To Do In Hawaii

Updated on:
November 16, 2021

Newest Maui Article: Road to Hana

What To Do In Hawaii

What to do on your vacation in Hawaii

There’s a lot to see and do on each of the six Hawaiian islands that tourists can visit.  The top part of this page briefly describes the differences between these islands, and the lower part of this page has lists of what to do in Hawaii, arranged by island.

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What to Do in Hawaii, arranged by island

Below, you’ll find my reports for each thing to do on each island.


The best island, the second-most things to do, but not crowded like Oahu that has the most to do.

Lahaina town
Haleakala volcano crater
Iao Valley scenery
Road to Hana scenic drive
Gardens and farms
Lots more to do on Maui

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Oahu (Honolulu)

The most crowded island, with 90% of the population, the most things to do, and the only island with plenty of nightlife.

Waikiki Beach
Pearl Harbor
Polynesian Cultural Center
Diamond Head
Bishop Museum

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Big Island of Hawaii

The largest and newest inhabited Island in the Hawaiian Island chain.

Active volcano
Parker Ranch
Botanical garden

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A beautiful island but not much to do.

Fern Grotto
Waimea Canyon

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Small islands with not much to do.

Former leper colony


Two luxury hotels

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What To Do On Maui

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