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October 18, 2014

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Time Shares Info

This page has helpful information and advice about all aspects of Maui and Hawaii timeshares, whether you write it as one word timeshares or two words time shares.  Here you will learn about:

Timeshares purchase – Is it a good investment?  Is it better to buy from the developer or on the secondary market?

Timeshares trades – Which Maui timeshare should you try to get in exchange for the timeshare that you already own outside of Hawaii?

Timeshares sales – How can you get rid of a timeshare you own and no longer want?

Timeshares rentals – Can you rent a timeshare even if you don’t want to buy one?

Timeshares presentations – Should you go to those sales presentations that offer the free gifts and discount activities?

Timeshares Purchase

The best deals on timeshare purchases are on the secondary market.  You can often pay 25% to 50% less when you buy a timeshare that somebody else previously owned and wants to sell, compared to buying new.  There are several Timeshare Resales companies that can help you find the best Maui timeshares for your needs.    By my calculations, the purchase of a new Hawaii or Maui timeshare directly from the developer is not a good investment, since the cost is high and a large part of what you pay goes toward marketing and sales commissions.

Timeshares Trades

Hawaii, especially Maui, is a very popular vacation destination, so it can be difficult to trade your timeshare elsewhere for one in Hawaii.  If you can get a trade to use a timeshare in Maui, the best places to stay are Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club (on Kaanapali Beach) or Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas.  Another good choice, though not as great as those two, is the Kaanapali Beach Club (formerly an Embassy Suites).  Much less desirable are Sands of Kahana, which is a few miles from the main Kaanapali area, and Kahana Falls, which is also far, plus is not on a beach.  Also much less desirable is Maui Hill (about half of which is timeshares) because it is a long walk uphill from the distant beach.

Timeshares Sales

If you would like to sell your timeshare because you no longer use it every year or you are tired of the maintenance fees, there are Timeshare Resales companies to sell it for you.  You will often receive less than half of what you paid for the timeshare, if they can even sell it for you at all.

Timeshares Rentals

A good option if you would like to stay in a timeshare without buying or trading for one, is to rent it just like you would rent to stay in a hotel or condo.  Such rentals are sometimes available at all of the places mentioned above under Timeshare Trades.

Timeshares Presentations


Westin timeshare building

Marriott Timeshare Maui

Marriott timeshare building

In my opinion, it is not worthwhile to attend the timeshare sales presentations that are offered in Maui or other parts of Hawaii.  Even though they give you free or discounted activities in exchange for your attendance, the two problems are (1) you are wasting several hours of your valuable vacation time, and (2) there is a good chance that you will be talked into buying a new timeshare at the full developer’s price which is not a good deal (as described under Timeshares Purchase above).  Lots more details about Timeshare Sales and Purchases on this link.                            

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