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June 29, 2015

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Store It Instead of Carrying It

A Hui Hou Storage Service is a better, easier, way to store some of your stuff on Maui between your visits.

If you go to Maui repeatedly, there’s no need to take all your stuff with you every trip, when you can leave a lot of it on Maui between trips.  Avoid extra baggage fees and shipping costs.


Bin storage has several advantages over the usual “space” self storage places such as AAAAA Rent-A-Space,  Kihei Self Storage, Aloha Self Storage, or Paradise Self Storage:

  1. A Hui Hou is able to pick up and deliver.  You just fill the bin they supply with your t-shirts, shorts, sandals, other clothing, snorkel gear, kids sand toys, your own pillows (much better than hotel pillows), an old laptop computer, and anything else you would otherwise have to take or send back and forth to and from Maui.  Then they pick up their bin from your condo or hotel room, store it for you, and deliver it back to your timeshare or condo or hotel room when you return to Maui on your next trip.  No need to carry your stuff to and from a storage building.
  2. You only have to pay for the space you need.  One of their small or large bins will likely hold all the stuff you want to store between visits to Maui.  You won’t have to pay for a large storage locker at one of the typical storage buildings.
  3. You save money on excess baggage fees, overweight baggage fees, postage or UPS shipping costs to get your stuff to and from Maui on every visit.
  4. You can even store oversize items like a beach umbrella, cooler, golf clubs, surfboards, or sports gear.  They pick up and delivere those too.

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