Moonset On Maui

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Like Sunsets, Moonsets on Maui are Nice Too

For a beautiful sight, watch a nearly-full moon setting into the ocean, in a dark sky, with white moonlight reflected across the ocean towards you.

The only time you can see this, is 1-3 days before a full moon, at 1-3 hours before sunrise. Look in the western sky, at about the same position that the sun has been setting. On the day of a full moon, and in the next few days, the moon sets in daylight, and so you do not get the beautiful effect that you get by seeing it set in the dark, before sunrise, on the last few days before the full moon.

A couple of days before the full moon, wake up 20 minutes before the time the moon is due to set, to get this view.

If you refuse to get up around 4 AM for the above spectacle, or if you are not on Maui at the right time just before the full moon, then you can get a partial similar view by watching a first-quarter moon set into the ocean around midnight. 

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Photo of Moonset on Maui

Moonset On Maui

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