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Located Upcountry near Pukalani, Maui Alpaca is one of the most unique farms on Maui. The eight-acre farm boasts a herd of alpacas and several angora rabbits. Both angora and alpaca wool are highly prized, and Maui Alpaca has many alpaca and angora products for sale. However, Maui Alpaca also hosts a slew of farm visit experiences, from one-hour meet-and-greet tours to picnic lunches.

Farm Visits

Farm visits are hosted daily from 10:00-11:00 am. This interactive tour allows guests to meet the alpacas, feed them, and (if they’re in the right mood) snap a couple of selfies. Friendly guides narrate the tour, offering a wealth of knowledge about the alpacas, from their personal quirks to their history as a species. Post-alpaca-feeding, guests visit the bunny village, home to a crew of angora bunnies. The rabbits love being cuddled— kids and animal lovers won’t want to let them go. Before the tour concludes, guests can participate in a hands-on yarn-making demonstration and practice making wool. This is an excellent activity for kids!

Alpaca Maui


Alpaca Paniolo Picnics

Book a private alpaca picnic if you want to have a little more time on the farm while enjoying an Upcountry style lunch. Alpaca Paniolo Picnics are offered daily from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm and include a choice of sandwich or salad, Maui chips, a cookie or apple, and water and lemonade. Like the farm visit, guests feed the alpacas and get cozy with the snuggly bunnies. Alpaca picnics are a private experience, so you won’t have to share the alpaca’s attention with anyone but those in your group!

Maui Alpaca Farm tour


Additional Activities

In addition to daily farm tours and alpaca picnics, Maui Alpaca hosts wool spinning classes and immersive Alpaca Lifestyle Adventures. Guests can learn more about making clothing with alpaca fleece. If you can’t make it to the farm but are eager to get your hands on some Maui-raised alpaca and angora products, keep an eye out for the Maui Alpaca booth at the Upcountry Farmers Market in the Kulamalu Town Center every Saturday morning.

Call Janet at Maui Alpaca at (808) 500-2577 or make a reservation at Maui Alpaca.

Maui Alpaca Tours

Reservations are required. Kamaaina prices are available. Maui Alpaca is located at 505 Aulii Road, Makawao.