Giant Buddha Statue At Lahaina Jodo Mission

Updated on:
November 3, 2014

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Lahaina’s Giant Buddha

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Off the beaten path in Lahaina is a sight that not many tourists find:  the giant Buddha statue at Lahaina Jodo Mission.  To find this, turn off of the north part of Front Street onto Ala Moana Street (toward the ocean).  Zoom in on this map of Lahaina for details.  It’s near the Mala boat ramp on the map.  Admission is free.

This 12-foot-high statue of the Amida Buddha was made in Japan in 1968, then erected in Lahaina that year for the 100-year anniversary of the first Japanese people coming to Hawaii.  It’s in a pretty setting, in a courtyard that also has a beautiful Buddhist temple, a 90-foot-tall pagoda, and an amazing 3000-pound Temple Bell.  The bell is rung 11 times each evening at 8:00.

See photos and video below. Or click for more things to do on Maui.

Giant Buddha at Lahaina Jodo Mission Photos

Giant Buddha Statue at Lahaina Jodo Mission

Bell Video

Pagoda photo

Pagoda photo

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