Baby Beach Maui

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Baby Beach Maui

Why Baby Beach is the Best Maui Beach for Children

Baby Beach is the best Maui beach for kids, because it has a rocky breakwater line offshore, that blocks the largest waves, and makes the water usually calm near the shore.  The breakwater is shown in the first photo  below.

Baby Beach is a large beach in Lahaina.  There are usually many families there with small children.  But of course all children need to be watched and supervised when they are in or near the ocean.  There are no lifeguards here.

How To Find Baby Beach Maui

The two best ways to get to Baby Beach are from its north end and its south end.  Parking is easiest on the north end.  From the northern part of Front Street in Lahaina, turn your car toward the ocean onto Ala Moana Street.  Bear left at the fork.  Pass the Lahaina Jodo Mission (with giant Buddha) on  your left, and park on this street near the ocean, then walk to the adjacent beach.  Baby Beach begins here and continues to the left.  Zoom in on this map of Lahaina for details.  It’s near the Mala boat ramp on the map.  A second way to get to Baby Beach is at its south end, but parking is farther from the beach there.  Park on Kenui Street, on the mountain side of Front Street (the side away from the ocean side).  Walk from there across Front Street onto Kai Pali Street (unmarked).  Walk one short block toward the ocean, and look for the Beach Access pathway on your left.  Follow that path to the beach.  You will be on the south end, and Baby Beach extends to your right.

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Baby Beach Lahaina

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