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Upcountry Sausage Company is a small sausage cart located on the patio at Mahalo Aleworks brewery. While these two businesses operate as separate entities, they share a space and work in collaboration. Mahalo Aleworks supplies the drinks, Upcountry Sausage Co. supplies the food.

Upcountry Sausage Co is the perfect addition to the brewery, seeing as Mahalo Aleworks doesn’t serve food. This saves the brewery the trouble of adding a kitchen while giving a platform to a local business. Not to mention, the sausages pair perfectly with a Mahalo Aleworks beer.

At Upcountry Sausage Co, you’ll find freshly grilled, made-to-order sausage sandwiches featuring a variety of different sausages and toppings. The menu at Upcountry Sausage Co features a handful of different curated sandwiches, but guests are free to create their own as well. Some of the sausages on offer include cajun andouille, Italian, and even vegan sausages. The list of toppings and sauces is expansive, and some are wildly inventive and unique.

Upcountry Sausage Co.

One popular menu item is the Ragin’ Cajun sandwich. The Ragin’ Cajun is a grilled cajun andouille sausage topped with roasted peppers, onion, pineapple, pepper jack cheese, and drizzled with dijon mustard and teriyaki sauce.

When it comes to beverages, there is no shortage at Mahalo Aleworks. Mahalo Aleworks is the first brewery of its kind to open in Upcountry Maui, and many of their beers are brewed with locally grown fruits. There are a vast array of styles on tap, like saisons, goses, and sours, as well as traditional brews like IPAs, blondes, and browns. Because of their use of seasonal fruits, the taps are often changing. In addition to beer, Mahalo Aleworks also serves wine and other nonalcoholic beverages.

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Mahalo Aleworks and Upcountry Sausage Co share the same hours:

Sunday: 12-8
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12-9
Friday: 12-10
Saturday: 10-10

30 Kupaoa St, Unit 101, Makawao, HI, 96768

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Upcountry Sausage Maui

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