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November 3, 2014

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[the_ad id=”12280″] Thailand Cuisine is a Thai restaurant in the Kukui Mall at 1819 South Kihei Road in Kihei.  Phone 808-875-0839.  They also have a location in Kahului in the Maui Mall at 70 East Kaahumanu Avenue, phone 808-873-0225.

The food and service are excellent.  The seven-page menu has 95 choices, of which 21 are vegetarian.  There are numerous appetizers, salads, soups, noodles, rice, curries, seafoods, ala carte items, and specials.  There are also a few family dinners and six desserts.  This is the best Thai food, and some of the tastiest food, on Maui, and is a lot less expensive than most of Maui’s best restaurants.

See below for menu list and food photos.

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Thailand Cuisine menu (subject to change) $ Inexpensive


Tom Yum Chicken or Shrimp
Poh Teak
Won Ton
Kang Jerd Woon Sen


Pad Thai
Pad Se
Rad Nar
Crispy Egg Noodles


Khao Pad
Steamed Jasmine or Brown or Sticky


Thai Red or Green or Yellos Curry
Thai Matsaman Curry
Thai Panang Curry
Thai Curry Shrimp Pineapple


Seafood Combo Vegetables
Lobster Tail Curry
Pad Pet
Crab Curry Sauce
Shrimp Garlic Vegetables
Garlic Calamari
Garlic Fish
Mahi Mahi Ginger or Spicy or Black Bean Sauce

Ala Carte

Thai Basil Sauce
Thai Beef Steak
Thai Cashew Nut Chicken or Shrimp
Thai Broccolli
Kukui Evil Prince
Thai Eggplant
Thai Ginger Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Shrimp
Thai Pad Pet Chicken, Beef, or Pork
Kung Pao
Honey Lemon Sauce Chicken or Shrimp
Thai Oyster Sauce


Spring Rolls
Sateh Tofu
Yum Tofu
Long Rice Tofu Soup
Pad Thai Tofu
Evil Prince Tofu
Yellow or Matsaman Curry Tofu
Panang Tofu
Sweet and Sour Tofu
Garlic Vegetables
Eggplant with Tofu
Stir Fry Vegetables
Cashew Nut Tofu
Broccoli Tofu

Thailand Cuisine Photos

Thailand Cuisine

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