Ono Gelato

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October 31, 2014

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[the_ad id=”12279″]Ono Gelato is an ice cream store at 815 Front Street, adjacent to Cheeseburger in Paradise, in Lahaina.  Phone 808-495-0203.

As described by this store, gelato is Italian ice cream that has less than half as much fat as American ice cream.  It is more dense because it has less air than normal ice cream.  Ono Gelato makes their product fresh daily.  They have several dairy flavors (containing milk) and several non-dairy flavors (fruit but no milk), so they even have great flavors for people with lactose intolerance.  I found both the dairy and non-dairy flavors to be absolutely delicious.  See below for some menu items and photos.

Ono Gelato also has a store in Paia, at 115 Hana Highway 808-579-9201, and a store in Kihei at 1280 South Kihei Road in the Azeka Place shopping center 808-495-0287.

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Ono Gelato menu (subject to change) $ Inexpensive

Waffle cones
Sugar cones
Cups (several sizes)
Gelato Cakes
To-go containers
Coffee or tea with or without gelato

Non-gelato items

Poached egg sliders
Pulled pork
Smoked salmon
Spicy ahi
Steak and cheese
Cheese and egg
Acai parfait
Baked goods[the_ad id=”13253″]

Ono Gelato photos

Ono Gelato

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