Maui Restaurants Prices

Updated on:
February 2, 2022

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What can you expect to spend in Maui restaurants?

Price Ranges for Restaurants in Maui Hawaii

I’ve divided the Maui restaurants on this website into three categories:

You can find out which category each restaurant is in at either of two places:

  • On the three pages linked above, there are lists of restaurants that fit into each of those three price ranges.
  • On the page about each specific restaurant, at the top of the MENU section, is a symbol of $$$ for Expensive, or $$ for Moderate, or $ for Inexpensive.

An Alphabetical List of links to all included restaurants is at this link.

Below is an explanation of what these three price ranges mean. I can’t list the price of every item on the menus on the restaurant pages of this website, because those prices are constantly changing. So instead, I will tell you the approximate range of what you will pay at restaurants in each price category. (See above for links to restaurants in each of the three price categories.)

Maui line

First, here is about what you might spend per person at dinner, INCLUDING tax and tip, NOT including drinks, if you ONLY order an entree (main course):

$$$ Fine Dining (Expensive) Maui restaurants: $40 to 80
$$ Moderate-priced Maui restaurants: $26 to $40
$ Inexpensive Maui restaurants: $13 to $26

If you order a salad (or appetizer) and dessert, in addition to the entree at dinner, your bill per person may be about this much, including tax and tip, not including drinks:

$$$ Fine Dining (Expensive) Maui restaurants: $91 to $150
$$ Moderate-priced Maui restaurants: $60 to $91
$ Inexpensive Maui restaurants: $24 to $60
(These prices are more variable, because it depends on not only which entree you choose, but also which salad or which appetizer or which dessert. Of course, you can save by sharing a salad or appetizer or dessert.)


For each non-alcoholic drink (including tax & tip), add $3 to $10
For each alcoholic drink (including tax & tip) add $8 to $25
Wine can be much more expensive, depending on your choice of wine.

Maui line


Most importantly, you need to tip. Good service starts at 20% of the total bill.  Please keep in mind that if your service is slow, it could be that the restaurant is understaffed.  This isn’t necessarily the restaurant’s fault.  It’s been VERY hard to find anyone willing to work these days.  Your server may be stretched thin.  If you plan on giving less than 20%, take this into account before making a decision.

I am not able to keep up with the prices at every restaurant on Maui. So I make no promises or guarantees about your bill at any restaurant. I am only providing the above information as my estimate. For more accurate and up-to-date prices, please call the restaurant and ask them for current price information, or ask whether they have a website with current menu prices.

The menu lists on each restaurant page show only SOME of the items available at that restaurant when I last checked. Most restaurants have many more choices besides the ones I have listed, and those choices are constantly changing. Please check with the restaurant for the most accurate current information about what is on their menu.