Lineage Maui

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Lineage Maui

Filipino & Hawaiian Food at Lineage Maui

Lineage Maui is a Sheldon Simeon dinner restaurant in the Shops at Wailea shopping center. It’s at:

3750 Wailea Alanui Drive
Kihei, HI 96753

About Lineage Maui

The most important thing you need to know about Lineage is that the food is unusual.  Practically every menu item is something you have never eaten and many are things you have never even heard of.  If you enjoy trying new foods with tastes and textures that you have never experienced before, then this is the place for you.  But if what you enjoy is a steak or a burger or fried chicken or meatloaf or anything familiar, then you will not like this restaurant.

When my friends and I ate at Lineage, we had to ask the server to explain every item on the menu.  Even after those explanations, we did not know what any of those items would look like or taste like.  When the food we ordered came to the table, we didn’t know which food item was which, and could not match up what we ordered with what we received.  (There are a few small food items available for you to select from a cart, so for those, you can see what they look like before you order them.)  But in spite of usually not knowing what we were eating, we found most of the foods to be delicious, and we enjoyed the experience.

About The Chef

Sheldon Simeon is the chef and owner of Lineage.  He is from Hawaii and became famous when he won “Fan Favorite” on the TV show “Top Chef” in 2013 and again in 2017. He started Lahaina’s now-famous Star Noodle restaurant. Then he moved on to Migrant in Wailea.  That was followed by his Tin Roof restaurant in Kahului.  And now Lineage is his latest adventure.

See below for the Lineage Maui menu list and food photos.  You can also get more info on their website.

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Lineage Maui menu (subject to change) $ Moderate


Boiled Peanuts
Garden Poke
Local Banchan
Kimchi Dip
Cone Sushi
Starfruit Mui


Chili Pepper Water
Oyster Shooter
Poi Mochi
Maui Flying Saucer
Farm Salad
Bottom of the Plate Lunch

Rice & Noodles

Miki Noodles
Hoppin Juan’s


Crispy Pata
Huli Huli

Pupu Line

Cold Ginger Chicken
Squid Luau
Smoke Meat
Katsu Curry
Pork n Peas

Full-Size Plates

Short Rib
1/2 Huli Huli


Charred Brocollini
Waikapu Corn
Local Banchan

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Lineage Maui photos

Lineage Maui

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