Kau Kau Food Court

Updated on:
October 31, 2014

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The Food Court at the Maui Marketplace in Kahului is called Kau Kau, which means food or meal.  It’s at 270 Dairy Road, on the same side of the shopping center as Sports Authority.

The Kau Kau Food Court is a place for an inexpensive lunch or dinner, where you can dine with Maui residents instead of tourists.  There are many tables to share in the center, surrounded by international carry-out style restaurants where you order at the counter and pick up your food to take to the tables.  My personal favorite restaurant in this food court is Maui Ocean Grill.

Stores in the large Maui Marketplace include Lowe’s, Office Max, Pier One, Pictures Plus, Sports Authority, Starbucks and many others.  (The Borders Bookstore here closed in May of 2011.)

See below for a list of restaurants, types of food, and photos.
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Kau Kau Food Court menu (subject to change) $ Inexpensive

Maui Ocean Grill (plates, burgers, salads)

Fish (mahi, ono, salmon)
Chicken, broiled or teriyaki
Kalua pork
Shrimp & chips
Burgers (beef, chicken, garden, taro)

Fernando’s (Mexican)

Chile verde or relleno
Nachos & guacamole

Bale (French and Vietnamese)

BBQ chicken
Fried rice
Pork chop

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

Fried shrimp or scallops
Mahi (fish)
Curry beef or shrimp or chicken
Chicken bbq or katsu
Loco Moco

Chopsticks Express

Chicken orange, sesame, ginger, or mushroom
Beef broccoli or curry
Pork bbq or sweet & sour

Kau Kau Food Court

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