Isana Kihei

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July 30, 2017

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Isana Kihei is a Korean BBQ restaurant at the Maui Beach Vacation Club timeshare at 515 South Kihei Road.  Phone 808-874-5700.

This restaurant is known for its tabletop barbeque, where you can cook your meat on a grill built into your table.  But those items only occupy one page of the six page menu.  Other pages have many choices of appetizers, Korean dinners, noodles, fish, nigiri, maki, and Isana Kihei specials. The restaurant is large and is all indoors, with mostly large tables. The menu is the same for lunch and dinner. There is also a separate sushi bar. From some tables you can see the ocean across the street.  They have karaoke some evenings. Reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor are mixed, with some people loving it and other people disappointed.

See below for Isana Kihei menu list and food photos.

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Isana Kihei menu (subject to change) $$ Moderate


Vermicelli, vegetables, beef
Shrimp pancake
Mixed seafood pancake
Calamari strips
Onion vegetables pancake
Fried dumpling
Green salad
Shrimp salad

Tabletop Barbeque

Short ribs
Sliced beef
Marinated sliced rib eye
Sliced brisket
Sirloin steak
Sliced tongue
Shrimp & vegetables
Marinated pork
Marinated chicken

Korean Dinner Specials

Beef, vegetables, vermicelli
Egg drop soup
Kim chee stew with meat
Bean paste stew with tofu
Fish roe soup with tofu
Black cod soup with tofu
Seaweed soup
Beef short rib soup
Soft tofu soup
Dumpling soup
Stir fried squid
Stir fried rice

Buckwheat Noodles Cold with Beef

In chilled broth
With spicy red pepper sauce
Seafood combination
Rice beef vegetables in hot stone pot


Broiled whole corvina
Broiled mackerel
Simmered corvina
Simmered black cod
Rice topped with fish

Isana Sushi Specials

Scallop dynamite
Shrimp dynamite
Clam dynamite
Hamachi kama
Ahi poki
Seaweed salad
Miso soup

Sushi Nigiri

18 varieties

Isana Sushi Maki

21 varieties

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Isana Kihei Photos

Isana Kihei

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