Fleetwood’s On Front Street

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October 30, 2014

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[the_ad id=”12277″]Mick Fleetwood is the British rock star who is the drummer for Fleetwood Mac, and he lives on Maui.  In 2012, he opened his own restaurant in Lahaina, called Fleetwood’s On Front Street.  Phone 808-669-6425.

This restaurant at 744 Front Street is at the former location of Lahaina Store Grille.  It occupies both the second floor and the rooftop of this old building called “Lahaina Store,” across from the seawall in the middle of Lahaina.  They keep a set of drums available in the restaurant for times that Mick Fleetwood may stop by to play.

Fleetwood’s on Front Street has a beautiful view of both the ocean and the West Maui Mountains from its rooftop setting, especially at sunset, but the rooftop is mostly for the bar, so most of the dining tables are indoors and not on the roof.  The menu includes innovative appetizers, salads, flatbreads, seafood and meat entrees. The prices are high and it seems to me that you are paying for the name “Fleetwoods,” whereas you can get better food at the top 10 restaurants listed at Fine Dining Maui restaurants.

See below for menu and food photos.

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Fleetwood’s On Front Street menu (subject to change) $$$ Expensive

  • Appetizers:
    • Roasted Maui Tomato Soup
    • Clam Chowder
    • Guacamole & Chips
    • Jar of Hummus
    • Island Ahi Sashimi
    • Calamari Fritti
    • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
    • Wild Mushroom Ravioli
    • Beer Steamed Black Mussels
  • Salads:
    • Caesar
    • Warm Goat Cheese & Beet
    • Wedge
    • Crab Louis
  • Thin Crust Flat Breads:
    • Luau Seasoned Pork
    • Mick’s Bangers & Fingerlings
    • Not-So-Classic Margarita
    • Mushroom & Fontina
  • Entrees:
    • Classic Italian Cioppino
    • Crispy Skin 1/2 Chicken
    • Hand-Formed Beef Burger
    • English Fish & Chips
    • Butternut Squash Ravioli
    • Chicken Curry
    • Grilled Pacific Salmon
    • 16oz Kona Rubbed New York Steak
    • Local Grilled Fish
    • Harley Davidson Hog Burger
    • (motorcycle included)
  • Side Dishes:
    • Baked Mac n Cheese
    • Pink Salted Fries
    • Buttery Whipped Potatoes
    • Green Beans
    • Grilled Brocolini
    • Jasmine Rice
    • Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes

Click for images of complete Fleetwood’s menu with prices

Fleetwood’s Photos

Fleetwood's On Front Street

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