Pacific Rim Cuisine

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November 10, 2014

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Pacific Rim Cuisine, invented in Hawaii, definition and where to find it at its best

[the_ad id=”12284″]Pacific Rim Cuisine is a combination of foods and cooking styles from countries and islands all around the Pacific Ocean.  This includes influences from California, Hawaii, Japan, and eastern Asia.  The group of 12 chefs that started this style of food preparation in Hawaii in 1991 trademarked the term “Hawaii Regional Cuisine.”  Those chefs are Sam Choy, Philippe Padovani, Roger Dikon, Gary Strehl, Roy Yamaguchi, Amy Ferguson Ota, Jean-Marie Josselin, George Mavrothalassitis, Beverly Gannon, Peter Merriman, Mark Ellman, and Alan Wong.

Here are the best restaurants for Pacific Rim Cuisine on Maui (click on each link for review, menu list, food photos):

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Pacific Rim cuisine

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